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  1. Boozelele

    UWC 2012 Head Count

    So we're up to 380 or so. :cool:
  2. Boozelele

    UWC 2012 Head Count

    Number 2 was already taken.
  3. Boozelele

    UWC 2012 Head Count

    We'll have fun Sukie! Might as well make Little6ster #67 then!!! It will be great to see everyone again!
  4. Boozelele

    UWC 2012 Head Count

    Ucb I booked today. So, yeah, I'll be there (I'll let my friend from France announce her own plans) :cool:
  5. Boozelele

    UWC 2012, Ukulele World Congress

    Yes. UWC... I seem to remember something about this....lots of cool liquor, right? Ok, I'll be there.
  6. Boozelele

    Little6ster's New Band

    Hey guys. Been a while since I've posted but I wanted to share some great music. Our very own UU member Little6ster has a new band in France, they have just recorded an EP and had their debut conert....and they seriously kick-ass. Check it out...
  7. Boozelele

    Favorite moments at UWC 2010

    1. Eating kick-ass grilled cheese sandwiches with LonnaB and Ukeyermind....(two of the coolest people ever) 2. Laughing with the Baron 3. Taking straight shots with Adelle 4. Meeting 6ster, 14twelve, Baron, Yoppy, Danielle, Zoe, Mctrmt, Ben, etc....(now Ive started a list I cant possibly...
  8. Boozelele

    For Sale Pono Spruce Top Soprano

    I have a solid spruce top soprano, with rosewood sides and back. It has an ebony fret board and head stock. Really pretty uke, only been played a handful of times. Comes with a standard black travel case from Mainland ukes. $250 and I will ship in U.S., or if you are coming to UWC, I may be able...
  9. Boozelele

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    Don't worry Little 6ster we will all help you.
  10. Boozelele

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    Alright Michelle, I'll come.
  11. Boozelele

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    Unfortunately because of the lack of acid, I will not be attending this year.
  12. Boozelele

    Cabins and rooms for the UWC 2010

    Awesome, it'll be good to see you guys again.
  13. Boozelele

    Mainland Mango Pineapple

    I got my Mainland Mango Pineapple today and did a quick little video "review" for those of you who were asking about these. You can watch it here. (Thanks Mike and guys are the best.) :)
  14. Boozelele

    Cincinnati thing

    Free gin? I'll be there! Oh wait I was there. Cincinnati? Where is that? Near Boise?
  15. Boozelele

    UWC2010 June 4th-5th

    Is this like some kind of Ukulele party or something? How come I've never heard of it. :mad:
  16. Boozelele

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    I am lucky to have such good friends. Oh, and by the way, Aldrine is pretty good.
  17. Boozelele

    BBQ for Aldrine in SF Golden Gate Park (Sunday Aug 9th)

    Ok, I'll come. But only if Deach, Grumpy Coyote, and Adelle The Great come too. (next time Alan, next time).
  18. Boozelele

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    Grumpy, Adelle and I will be holding down the bar while Deach and Russ are playing. Should be fun. :D
  19. Boozelele

    Ohai Pono Review (another)

    I added my comments about the new Pono Ohai Ukuleles to another thread but thought maybe my review warranted it's own so as to not piggy back on someone else's thread.. A lot has been said on this forum about these ukes, but there are a few of us who have a sightly different opinion, and in...
  20. Boozelele

    Portland, OR?

    It is true I live in Portland..unfortunately my hours are so strange that I can never really plan much ahead of time. But it's good to know there are others here from beautiful PDX. :shaka:
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