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    No longer available Pono BE-C cedar/acacia solidbody baritone

    Sent you a DM about this, great looking instrument!
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    Tutorial Basic chord theory slides!

    Hi, I made a presentation on basic chord theory to my ukulele group in San Jose, The Yardbugs a while back. We are always looking for people to sing and play with us so let me know if you are in the SF Bay Area and are interested! Sharing it in case it is helpful to anyone, please let me know...
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    Ukulele group in South San Jose!

    Thanks for the warm welcome to UU Ms Bean! I enjoy the camaraderie of smaller groups too, we are 6 or 7 regulars right now, small enough to hear what each of us is doing. I find myself putting in the extra effort to practice additional skills so that we can grow together as a group! I look...
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    Ukulele group in South San Jose!

    Hi, I started a ukulele group meeting in my backyard on some Sunday afternoons in South San Jose! Currently the group consists of my wife and me and two or three more regulars, mostly beginners. I am probably an intermediate level player with a good knowledge of music theory and chord shapes...
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