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  1. Cornfield

    Allergic to Cats

    I wrote and recorded this a few years ago but now I've added a new verse.
  2. Cornfield

    Sold Blackbird Farallon priced to sell 1500 shipped.

    I have grown to love mine. It’s one of a very few quality instruments that does not require constant humidity monitoring.
  3. Cornfield

    Festival 2024 Aurora Ukulele Festival - May 5

    We will have 8 different workshop sessions and an open mic!
  4. Cornfield

    Festival 2024 Aurora Ukulele Festival - May 5

    Main Stage Schedule 11 – 11:45 Hix Brothers Ukulele Band 12 – 12:45 Todd Lorenc 1 – 1:45 Hoapili with Hula ‘O Puanani 2 - 2:45 Abby Lyons 3 – 3:45 Matt Griffo 4 – 4:45 Aaron Baer 5 – 5:45 Danielle Ate the...
  5. Cornfield

    Festival 2024 Aurora Ukulele Festival - May 5

    The Seventh Annual Aurora Ukulele Festival (Aurora, IL) will be May 5, 2024. For this, our seventh year, we are moving indoors! Our new location is in the gorgeous Two Brother's Roundhouse 205 N Broadway in Aurora. Featured artists: Danielle Ate the Sandwich Abby Lyons Aaron Baer Hoapili Hula...
  6. Cornfield

    Sold Scott Wise Tenor -

    Scott Wise builds great instruments. When I was on a tour of Australia, I stopped in his shop and ordered a tenor and a baritone. Both are beautiful sounding Ukes. I eventually sold both when I downsized my Uke inventory.
  7. Cornfield

    Sold Blackbird Farralon w/side sound port

    A few months ago, I was unsuccessful in selling one of these. I’m glad that I decided to keep mine. It sounds like my koa Kamaka and does not need to be humidified. I use the Mo’Bettah string set on mine.
  8. Cornfield

    620! I Don't Know

    A few weeks ago, I submitted the song “Santa Lost a Ho” which included the line “I don’t know” in the chorus. That song is now safely tucked away and hibernating till December 2024.
  9. Cornfield

    Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

    The last video that we shot on Wednesday night at the Fox Valley Folk / Acoustiic Music Singaround. I discovered an unreleased Beatles song.
  10. Cornfield

    Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

    I had both a flu and Covid shots on Monday while Christmas music was playing. The germ of a song was born and emerged, like a Xenomorph two days later.
  11. Cornfield

    Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

    As promised, or warned, depending in your point of view
  12. Cornfield

    Season 618 - Seasonal Songs

    My wife shot this video of me singing and playing a guitar (Gasp!). It's not the full song. Our group meets again tomorrow night and I just might take a uke and do a remake with the whole song recorded.
  13. Cornfield

    Wanted Metal Bodied Resophonic Tenor/Baritone Steel String Ukes - What’s Available?

    Steel strings are great if you want to use a slide. The Super Baritone shown above is pretty nice but it’s almost the size of a Republic Tenor Guitar.
  14. Cornfield

    Recommend a U Bass

    I’ve had two Kala U-bass. I had a solid body with the rubber strings and a regular one with steel strings. I got rid of them both and now have a Taylor mini bass guitar. It’s loud enough, acoustically for a small room and sounds great plugged in too.
  15. Cornfield

    Acquired Martin Backpacker Ukulele

    I have a Backpacker guitar. It’s OK but sounds empty. Rather than a Backpacker Uke, I would stick with my Fluke
  16. Cornfield

    Pete Howlett Solid body electric Revelator One of a kind? Gauging interest

    I thought the “Revelator” had a sound hole on the upper bout of the top.
  17. Cornfield

    Update on Kala new design The Revelator

    Are there any photos of what this looks like, without the top? I’m interested in the “shell” shape. Is this like the old song?
  18. Cornfield

    Slide tuning

    You’ll need to have your uke adjusted to make it really work with a slide because of the nylon strings. Raise the nut and the bridge to get more clearance and plan on using that Uke for slide exclusively. An alternative is to get a steel string Uke or tenor guitar.
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