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  1. efiscella

    For Sale Oli Concert Ukulele $675 Shipped Conus

    Alan, I am very happy that you are back with us. I have missed you here. Stay well.
  2. efiscella

    New Uke Day (NUD) Custom Pops Okami Pineapple Soprano 🍍

    it is laser debossed into the wood
  3. efiscella

    New Uke Day (NUD) Green Tenor Outdoor Uke

    Have fun with it. I have one that I keep at my home at the Jersey shore where the temperature changes fast and the humidity is often high. My Outdoor tenor has not needed to be re-tumed inn 4 years- lol. It has a fun sound. Not that of a wood ukulele but also not like plastic. it is just fine...
  4. efiscella

    Price Drop Kamaka HF-2 (2011) - NEAR MINT condition w/Crossrock Case

    I agree that the older wood adds a tonal quality that can’t be matched. I have a 2003 HF-3, also, that is off the charts - lush. It is not only a joy to play but also just to listen to as I play. I see so many on the forum looking for a really good concert. You can’t go wrong with the the HF-2.
  5. efiscella

    Price Drop Kamaka HF-2 (2011) - NEAR MINT condition w/Crossrock Case

    In April, I made a big move and purchased a Koaloha Red Label from the UU MarketPlace. To make this purchase, I had to find new homes for some of my cherished ukuleles. Surprisingly, I ended up parting with two fantastic Koaloha concerts. After gifting my remaining Pono concert, I realized I...
  6. efiscella

    Traded KoAloha Red Label Concert - PO Cedar / Walnut, Wagara Series

    I don't remember where I saw this but someone years ago got them from Pops and posted them. I think a google search would do it. Pops no longer has the printed music
  7. efiscella

    Traded KoAloha Red Label Concert - PO Cedar / Walnut, Wagara Series

    Aloha Chris, great playing and I know you hate to see that beautiful Red Label go but I also saw that it was a choice and decisions needed to be made. I hate those choices- lol. The song from Pops, "the Intonation Rhapsody" is a song that he wrote for when he tests his ukes. It takes him way up...
  8. efiscella

    Looking to buy a Cedar top tenor, but which back and side?

    I think the build is important as are the woods. I had a Pono Rosewood back and sides and cedar top that was stunning but a lot of that had to do with the build. I also now have a KoAloha Red Label Koa back and sides and cedar top and it stunning and the sound is incredible, and again the...
  9. efiscella

    Singing Lessons?

    For the past 35 years, I ran a performing arts studio where we offered vocal lessons. Here is what i can tell you that will help to maximize your time and investment. First is to know your goal, which is to sound better when singing along with Ukulele, not to be a Broadway star, recording...
  10. efiscella

    New Uke Day (NUD) Klos Full Carbon Tenor ukulele. NUD

    Wonderful video and playing. I now understand what the Kloss is truly like.
  11. efiscella

    NVUD (New Vintage Uke Day) Kamaka Gold Label Tenor

    That's a beauty, Rick. Congrats
  12. efiscella

    I feel inferior

    I think that what is lovely about ukulele is that nobody has to feel inferior, but joyous. If you have ever been with an ukulele meetup group, everyone is playing different ukes. Some have $45 ukes and some paid thousands for them, however, the joy is the same with everyone. The joy of sharing...
  13. efiscella

    Does anyone ever actually *ask* you to play?

    About 10 years ago, my parents were visiting and saw the ukulele and asked me to play. My body shook as I remembered 50 years earlier when they asked me to play the accordion that they got me because they did not want to get the instrument I was most interested, a piano. I remember playing the...
  14. efiscella

    This is odd. KoAloha 25th New!!

    I’ve noticed some well-intentioned but inaccurate comments and inferences regarding the KoAloha 25th Anniversary edition. I'd like to put into perspective a few points about what makes this edition different and the original pricing. When KoAloha decided to create the 25th Anniversary Limited...
  15. efiscella

    New Uke Day (NUD) KoAloha KTM-00 (2021)

    congratulations. Love the striped grain in the koa. I'll bet it sounds great. I really love those savarez Alliance Strings on my Martin but I tried them on the Koaloha and for me, they just did not work. For me, there is nothing like the KoAloha or Ukesa strings on the KoAlohas. Nice job. Enjoy.
  16. efiscella

    Wanted Pekelo's Hawaiian Ukulele Method Vol 1/Vol 2 with CD, High or Low G

    I heard from Pekelo!!!! Aloha Ed Mahalo for your inquiry - as my uke books have been out of print for a long time. The latest is that I've been selling /sending out pdf versions and mp3 track recordings on thumb drives But I recently moved & those files - i think might still be at the...
  17. efiscella

    Wanted Pekelo's Hawaiian Ukulele Method Vol 1/Vol 2 with CD, High or Low G

    I sent an email. I will report on the response
  18. efiscella

    KoAloha re-designing their ukes for 2024?

    unfortuatey it does not seem like a priority. I don't even know who is in charge of that. I can tell you that the Ukesa website is the same way and I know exactly who is responsible for that -- Me. Man, I am bad at that. Sorry.
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