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  1. gustophersmob

    New Uke Day (NUD) NNUD (new not ukulele day) Meet the Mandora

    That’s stunning!
  2. gustophersmob

    New Uke Day (NUD) Custom Pops Okami Pineapple Soprano 🍍

    Thanks, very cool!
  3. gustophersmob

    New Uke Day (NUD) Custom Pops Okami Pineapple Soprano 🍍

    That’s amazing! How is the pineapple pattern on the top made? Is it engraved into the wood?
  4. gustophersmob

    Opinions on Pre-War Martin Ukuleles?

    As long as any cracks are tight, they wouldn’t bother me (though still have them repaired). To me, the bigger issues to watch out for are neck angle(as mentioned above) and bar style frets. If any bar frets are loose or otherwise in bad shape, many luthiers won’t fix them, or can’t as there is...
  5. gustophersmob

    Bulge under bridge?

    I’ve now handled about 6 of these in person, all were brand new, and all had significant deformation of the top around the bridge. Since it is HPL, I don't think it is a humidity issue. My guess is the bracing is inadequate in that area. Whether it would move any more over time, I have no...
  6. gustophersmob

    Facebook group mothballed

    I deleted my Facebook acct in 2009 and haven’t looked back. Unfortunately this was me, and getting off of all social media helped pull me back from the abyss:
  7. gustophersmob

    Please, somebody buy this

    Interesting. I’m very curious to hear reports on how the new ones compare.
  8. gustophersmob

    Please, somebody buy this

    I wonder if it was someone here who bought it? Seems like a good price if there are no issues with it
  9. gustophersmob

    Please, somebody buy this

    I really like the crown returning to the end of the fretboard. Not sold on the extra frets on the soprano size. Hopefully the longer fretboard extension doesn't deaden the top. I doubt it, but I've not played one with it.
  10. gustophersmob

    Soprano bridge/saddle placement

    I would think the single uni-brace of the KoAloha would change the "sweet spot."
  11. gustophersmob

    Your favorite things about ukes

    Nothing new to add: portability and cost are two big bonuses in my view. If I had to replace my Gibson J-45, it would be a pretty serious cash outlay (for me). If I had to replace my KoAloha soprano (which is arguably a better instrument than the Gibson), not nearly so bad.
  12. gustophersmob

    Sold Martin Concert Uke Late 40’s w/Case $475 Shipped CONUS

    That is a steal for a vintage Martin concert!
  13. gustophersmob

    Koaloha factory tour unveils some interesting things to come….

    Is there a reason they wrote it in kanji?
  14. gustophersmob

    Koaloha factory tour unveils some interesting things to come….

    An odd detail to notice maybe, but I'm curious about the Japanese (?) character on one of the forms (I think it is).
  15. gustophersmob

    Loudest soprano

    My experience is limited, but so far my KoAloha soprano is by far the loudest.
  16. gustophersmob

    Sold Carbon Outdoor Soprano

    Just received this from boofa. Great transaction and shipping!
  17. gustophersmob

    Sold Pops UkeSA Custom Soprano

    Dang! Missed it!
  18. gustophersmob

    Is "cowboy chords" a derogatory term?

    "Cowboy chords" is only derogatory/elitist to someone looking to be offended, or insane. Personally, I wouldn't apologize to someone acting that way about what is truly nothing. You are correct that it is used generally to describe first position chords, and I believe it originated from the...
  19. gustophersmob

    Sold 2006 KoAloha concert for sale

    Great price and I'm super tempted, but just don't know if I can swing the $. I have a 2012 soprano and it is a phenomenal instrument.
  20. gustophersmob

    Sold Bruko Walnut Concert - Choice of cases

    Cool that it says "W. Germany." Is this vintage (looks new to me), or does Bruko still use that stamp?
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