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  1. UkingViking

    Music Video or Camera shot?

    Just to to advocate for "partial anonymity" to be accepted, I will state that in my opinion the tradition of the Seasons is not super-anti-anonymity. When I joined, around new years 2015-2016, I was hesitant to put my face out there. With lot of established seasonistas at that time being...
  2. UkingViking

    Strings Change them, I guess? To what?

    I would agree with man0a, but have to admit that after 9 years, I have still not tried nylon strings, only nylgut and fluorocarbon. 😆 In my experience the sound nuances between different fluorocarbon brands are small. The way they differ from nylgut is way more noticeable. I have settled with...
  3. UkingViking

    Music Video or Camera shot?

    I like to see whatever seasonistas in their creativity like to put together. After all, this is about sharing our creative passions channeled into videos with each other. I appreciate when a bit of effort is put into the video, but just finding a light source to record by for a better video...
  4. UkingViking

    Ukulele Paraphernalia

    Finally abducted from my father in laws house... Well, technically it belonged to my wife all along...
  5. UkingViking


    Actually, it is the nut on mine which is slanted. The bridge should be relatively easy to fix, getting a new saddle and sanding it to your preferences... Or next time you change strings you can stuff a bit of a toothpick or something down below it to prop it up for higher action. The nut on mine...
  6. UkingViking

    Garage Band for Androids and Macbook upgrade?

    Here is the most successful of my multi-video recordings:
  7. UkingViking

    Garage Band for Androids and Macbook upgrade?

    I think the most popular app for that is called "acapella". For doing it all on a phone or tablet, using just one app. I never tried it myself, but have seen some awesome stuff made with it appear on YouTube. Other than that, you can record the audio in any DAW and edit the videos in many video...
  8. UkingViking

    Tenor to Baritone

    Has anyone tried these on an aNueNue AMM3 tenor? I am still not sure I have found my favorite strings for this, and I think baritone/Chicago tuning might have more overlap with my vocal range. I am optimistic that adapting to the tuning will not complicate learning songs too much, after all, it...
  9. UkingViking

    Drill hole for strap button?

    That is also what I read last time Installed a strap button. To have some safety against splitting the wood, it should be best to drill a 3 mm hole. Well, I dont remember the Imperial measures. It converted to 2.8 to 3.2 mm when I translated it. So I went with the 3 mm metric drill.
  10. UkingViking

    Drill hole for strap button?

    You will probably want a small-ish strap button, if you buy guitar buttons. Sometimes referred to as a "Gibson style" button. You can buy Gibson brand buttons. Notice that in such a set, one of the provided screws will be huge, because som Gibson guitars are made with a huge hole in the bottom...
  11. UkingViking

    Garage Band for Androids and Macbook upgrade?

    On my laptop I use Reaper, which I am very content with. It is also affordable, one time payment of $60 in stead of monthly subscriptions. And two months free trial. And a lot of toturials online. Comes for all systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. I am not very good at using it, but for what it is...
  12. UkingViking

    Garage Band for Androids and Macbook upgrade?

    I used Audio Evolution on Android for a while. It works, but admit that I didnt quite explore its features. The whole thing with looking at tracks on a phone screen seems a bit cramped, so I eventually bought a laptop.
  13. UkingViking

    Single Wood Ukuleles

    I dont have any ukes that didnt incorporate extra wood types for fretboard or the like. But I dont have any softwood ukes, only hardwood, where too and body are usually the same. My Cocobolo actually has a Cocobolo fretboard, but I believe the neck is teak. A pretty thing about by Australian...
  14. UkingViking

    Reading sheet music?

    What OP shows in the first post is commonly referred to as a "lead sheet". Superior to a chord sheet, because it also has the melody line in standard notation. Even if you dont play the melody line, it shows the timing of the song, how many bars of each chord etc. So every thing you could want...
  15. UkingViking

    Seasonistas general thread: yakking, joshing, news and pictures

    They just love the Knight live. They like to boogie!
  16. UkingViking

    Dirt easy way to get better recordings?

    When I suggested the mics from Røde and Audio Technica, I remembered reading about the Samson Go mic. At first I wrote it in my post as a cheaper suggestion, since it has a tiny footprint and can probably be perched on a music stand with the same feature that makes it possible to put it on top...
  17. UkingViking

    Can tuners be improved?

    Every time you play, one can live with that. Between each song, not so much. If it was delivered with slack strings and you just tuned them up, it would take about a week of tuning them up every day, before they were stable enough to play for several songs in a row without tuning. It can take...
  18. UkingViking

    Intermediate Acoustic-Electric Concert uke wanted. CONFUSED!!!

    I never tried this myself, but if the solid myrtle top on this sounds as good as on my MyaMoe... Ok, perhaps that is reaching. But I would be courious to try one of these if I got the chance. The GotAUkulele review mainly seemed to deem it expensive for something with only a solid top, good...
  19. UkingViking

    Brüko shutting up shop at the end of ’24

    A loss for European ukulele history. I have to sit on my hands, and remember that I am not a collector. I dont need to catch them all. I dont need to buy one before it is too late, I allready have too many ukes for one who rarely has time to play them 😆
  20. UkingViking

    Dirt easy way to get better recordings?

    Disclaimer: I have not tried these mics myself, just seen a lot of reviews considering an upgrade. I would go for the best quality USB mics out there, to avoid second guessing. If on a budget, I would check the second hand marked. A lot of USB mics are sold because they were bought during Covid...
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