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  1. musicmonsterw

    Love Hurts (Everly Brothers cover)

    This song has been covered many times, including versions by Roy Orbison, Joan Jett, Gram Parsons, and an epic version by Nazareth. My band, the Cypress Street Band, did this video in tribute to the late Phil Everly. The Everly Brothers, especially their vocal harmony, are one of our main...
  2. musicmonsterw

    Happy Valentine's Day! Let it Be Me (Everly Brothers cover)

    My band, the Cypress Street Band, closes some sets with this song. This video is a tribute to the late Phil Everly. And, it's also our Valentine's Day song.
  3. musicmonsterw

    Monster Mash!!

    I visited a new ukulele club, the Athlete's Village Ukulele Club, a small but enthusiastic group of mostly beginners. We had a great time jamming to Halloween songs. We had so much fun with Monster Mash that we decided to make a quick video of it. So, here its. Happy Halloween. AWOOH...
  4. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    I hope so! We are in the same corner of the world.
  5. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Oh well. I was looking forward to meeting you. But, you gotta upgrade sometimes. I've been holding off on my computer myself but I know I will have to upgrade soon, especially if I keep making videos.
  6. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    This is an open invitation to join a bunch of us on stage to sing "Needmore, Indiana", sung to the tune of "Sweet Home, Alabama". Here's a link to the PDF. These chords: D C G and it keeps going throughout the whole song. I set up a...
  7. musicmonsterw

    This Land is Your Land - for PBS !!

    My band, the Cypress Street Band sent this video to PBS for their "This Land is Your Land" project. We pulled out all the stops and put in practically all our instruments, including three ukuleles and a U-Bass, and all our vocal ranges. We made it to the PBS featured video page!! If you like...
  8. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Will be great to see you.
  9. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Hey Gary! Are you coming to UWC?
  10. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Why? Is he signing you from head to foot?
  11. musicmonsterw

    Be My Baby (UWC Travelling Ukulele)

    UWC Travelling Ukulele, after an adventure with customs, finally made it to my doorstep in Vancouver, BC, Canada. While it was up here, it helped my band make a video.
  12. musicmonsterw

    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Cypress Street Band

    Here's a seasonal favourite we added to our Christmas set. It features a trio with harmony vocals, ukulele, U-Bass, and guitar.
  13. musicmonsterw

    It's Just Not Christmas Without You - Original Song

    Happy Holidays, everyone! This is a song I wrote a while back when I was missing someone special at Christmas. This year, I got my band to work on the song for the season. My wife, Marianne, is performing the lead vocals on this one. The song has come full circle. It was because I was...
  14. musicmonsterw

    Early in the Evening (Original Ukulele Blues) - Cypress Street Band

    This is a song I wrote a while back but it keeps growing and evolving through different versions. Mostly, the solos change. This song goes over well with our audiences. If there is sufficient interest, I can upload the leadsheet.
  15. musicmonsterw

    You've Lost That Lovin Feeling - ukulele and u-bass cover

    This is my band's take on this classic song. It always goes over well with the audience. We don't have a Wall of Sound: just two instruments and two vocals.
  16. musicmonsterw

    Daydream Believer (Monkees Cover) - Cypress Street Band

    My band added this t le Monkees song to our set, in tribute to the late Davy Jones. I used to enjoy the reruns on TV. Fun and silliness are two things that make life worth living.
  17. musicmonsterw

    Ukulele World Congress 2013

    Sorry to hear that. Count me in.
  18. musicmonsterw

    Maroon 5 , U2 Mashup.

    This is my band, the Cypress Street Band, playing live at Car Free Day, in the West End of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm on the ukulele. My wife Marianne is on the U-Bass. Claire is on the guitar.
  19. musicmonsterw

    It's A Crappy Day (parody of Make You Feel My Love)

    This video was recorded at UWC this year. After a long day of travel and getting lost, I finally got to the cabin where I was staying. A bit of whiskey and a camera conveniently set up by lonerhino made this an opportune time to record a parody song I'd just finished writing. It's set to the...
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