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  1. seeso

    Buddhuu retiring as moderator

    Your feckless moderator buddhuu is hanging up his whip and whistle for good, y’all. Please show him some love for his many years of excellent work. We’ll miss you brother!
  2. seeso

    8th Annual Ukulele World Congress- June 3-4th 2016

    I know I ain't getting any sleep at UWC! But I love falling asleep to the sound of harmonies by a campfire.
  3. seeso

    Overview of Mim's Ukulele Sideshow Chicago : 1-16-2015 DeG, Drop Ready, Mike Hind

    Hey, Brett! Thanks for the overview and most of all, thanks for coming out! I'm glad you weren't shot in the big city. It was good to see you and hope to see you soon.
  4. seeso

    Record Release Show!

    The date and venue have been set! I'm so sorry it took so long. This has been MUCH harder than I thought. If you're in the Chicago area, I'd love to see you at the release party! Record Release Show - Seeso Saturday, March 21 at 8:00 PM Livewire Lounge 3394 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60641
  5. seeso

    TBUG After Party Live Stream

    Come join us at JT's Nightgig Studios!
  6. seeso

    6th Annual Milwaukee Ukulele Festival

    I'm going for MC Mark Peterson. WHAT WHAT
  7. seeso

    An Evening with the Ladies of UWC

    Come spend an evening in the round featuring some of the talented women who make the Ukulele World Congress shine! Admission is free - dinner and dessert will be available for purchase. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended! Please contact Catrina Campbell at 513-403-0672 to reserve your seat...
  8. seeso

    Community Uses Music to Heal

    The ukulele community lost one of our own last week. Kristin Batdorf, a regular at L.A.U.G.H. (Lansing Area Ukulele Group), and MMUGS Group (Mid-Michigan Ukulele Group Strum) was tragically killed in a murder-suicide...
  9. seeso

    A Star a Jewel and a Hoax - John Prine

    Love John Prine. Thanks for the chords!
  10. seeso

    Song Help Request Minnie Riperton - Loving you

    Here you go:
  11. seeso

    UWC#6 June 6th-7th 2014

    Bummer, John. We'll miss ya!
  12. seeso

    2014 San Diego Ukulele Festival is on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent! Congratulations and good luck!
  13. seeso

    North Country Blues - Bob Dylan

    Thanks! We can never have too much Dylan around here.
  14. seeso

    UWC6 Roll Call... you coming?

    The generous Mr. olgoat has enough room in the car for me. We'll see you guys on Wednesday!
  15. seeso

    Song Help Request Inner Light by Jay Chattaway (Star Trek Episode)

    It's difficult to translate to the ukulele. If it's in the original key of D, the highest fret is 17. That's stretching it. Even in C, the highest is still 15. To make it easier, I transposed it to F, but at the cost of a bit of the melody. Is it noticeable? Link to PDF. Link to mp3 so...
  16. seeso

    Winter festival in Brown County Indiana

    The "Starved Rock" The region was periodically occupied by a variety of native tribes who were forced westward by the expansion of European settlements. These included the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwe.[citation needed] There are various local legends about how Starved Rock got its name. The...
  17. seeso

    Winter festival in Brown County Indiana

    As always, my attendance depends on the kindness of others to drive me down there. This city boy is remaining car-less for the foreseeable. It sounds fun, though. Starved Rock would be awesome. It's really pretty there.
  18. seeso

    UWC#6 June 6th-7th 2014

    Not sure if I want to camp or do a cabin this year. Hmm...
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