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  1. fabioponta

    Best strings for Kamaka Keiki mahogany Soprano 60'?

    I bought a Kamaka Keiki mahogany Soprano 60 today. Not arrived yet. Can I use Martin m600 strings on it? or Worth browns still a best choice? (I´m out of the ukulele world since 2015, in 2013 I love an Martin Style 0 vintage with Martin m600 strings)
  2. fabioponta

    I need some info about this vintage SONATA soprano uke

    Hi ukers, I bought this vintage ukulele SONATA today from a guy who bought it a few years ago on eBay (just U$80). He and I live in Brazil (unfortunately) and he doesn't have any more information. The ukulele is stamped with the SONATA brand. The ukulele has already been refurbished with some...
  3. fabioponta

    WTB: Koaloha Soprano

    HI, Anyone have an used Koaloha soprano, standart or Pikake for sale? I paid with paypal, and have to send to Brazil. I bought many ukes last years here with no problems. Thansks!
  4. fabioponta

    FS: Koaloha Concert Pikake with Mi-SI Pickup

    Hi friends, I have for sale a almost mint condition Koaloha Concert Pikake made in set/2010 (description stamped on the label inside). As new, just one minor ding in the headstock (see picture, almost imperceptible) and a fell strumming marks almost invisible. Superlightweight, incredible...
  5. fabioponta

    Koaloha concert w/ Mi-Si active or Kamaka HF-3 w/ Fishman passive for strumming show?

    Hi uke friends, I have 2 ukes, a Kamaka HF-3 tenor with fishman passive pickup and a Koaloha concert with Mi-Si active pickup. Both pickups are well installed. I don't have a amp to test in my home, and I have to leave just one to play in a university music compositors show at Friday, with 500...
  6. fabioponta

    FS/FT POHAKU Curly Honduran Mahogany Soprano with case $580 shipped

    PRICE: U$580 shipped via USPS to you. Paypal only. Hi friends, I have for sale a mint condition Peter Hurney Pohaku Curly Mahogany soprano made in 26/04/2012 (description stamped on the label inside). As new, no blemish, just a fell strumming marks almost invisible. Superlightweight...
  7. fabioponta

    More Ukulele - Jake Shimabukuro tutorial?

    Hello, I'm looking for a good video to learn the MORE UKULELE song, from Jake Shimabukuro. There are just 2 or 3 videos on youtube. I really need one that shows the fingers on scale... Can't find any tutorial, and the Jake Shimabukuro's song book don't worth. Some help?
  8. fabioponta

    My 10 commandments about ukulele world (after some experience)

    After having spent 4 years of buying ukuleles and have played more than 80 of them, of various top and cheap brands, models and sizes, I created my (own) 10 commandments/rules about ukuleles: 1. The construction and shape of an ukulele determines how its sound more than the wood used. 2...
  9. fabioponta

    WTB: Mi-Si Pickup Charger

    Hi, I need a new power charger to my Mi-Si pickup on my Koaloha Concert, since I lost mine. Does anyone have a charger used to sell? I paid for shipping (via Paypal). I'm in Brazil.
  10. fabioponta

    FS: Kenny Hill Ukebrand mahogany concert with case

    I have for sale a UkeBrand concert uke. This uke was built by the classical guitar builder Kenny Hill in Felton, California. Specs: Body and neck = old solid mahogany 12-fret rosewood fingerboard, 15" scale 1-7/16" nut width mahogany bridge ebony nut & saddle tortoise plastic-bound body...
  11. fabioponta

    FS: Renato Casara Tenor : rare brazilian uke made with pau ferro back and sides

    Hi UU, I'm interested for sale my brazilian uke. I need a baby car more. Just some pictures of my Renato Casara Tenor Ukulele: This is a tenor uke made ​​in Brazil by Renato Casara luthier, in the Vivace Musical Parts, located in Espírito Santo State, in the little city of João Neiva. Renato...
  12. fabioponta

    Another sign of the ukulele's popularity: It's now a photo prop

    Me, my wife Lui, my baby Alice (almost born) and my sop Pohaku, last week
  13. fabioponta

    WTB: Kiwaya KTC-1 Concert

    Hi everyone, You have a Kiwaya KTC-1 Concert and do not play much? I'm interested for one. All the best. Thanks!
  14. fabioponta

    Tuners on this Kanile'a K1 ?

    I still prefer the "old " kanilea tuners...
  15. fabioponta

    FS/FT POHAKU Curly Honduran Mahogany Soprano

    Just more some pictures of this beauty:
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