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  1. river_driver

    Yamaha APXT2

    I had that Yamaha years ago. It’s a quality instrument like everything Yamaha makes. Thought it was a rather tinny sounding but that’s an issue you’re going to have with any tiny-bodied steel string. Personally I’d choose the Cordoba mini. Note tho that the Cordoba is nylon string so you’re not...
  2. river_driver

    Advice Requested: Convert a guitar into a uke

    Guessing the scale length on that guitar is 22 to 23 inches. Tune it GCEA, but an octave lower than standard uke tuning.
  3. river_driver

    Unknown ukulele acquisition...

    It’s not a Harmony (Harmonys have square headstocks). This was made by United in New Jersey. 1950s. Compare to this one:
  4. river_driver

    trade feeler: Kala travel soprano for banjolele?

    I have a brand-new Kala travel soprano, solid spruce over mahogany thinbody, with matching gigbag. It was an impulse buy, one I should have resisted in retrospect. I played it for five minutes when I got it and knew the thinbody wasn't for me. So I packed it back up and it's been sitting for...
  5. river_driver

    Songs you hate to play.

    This sign is on the stage in Preservation Hall in New Orleans:
  6. river_driver

    FS Recording King tenor banjo, bari uke tuning

    ...and pics of the gig bag...
  7. river_driver

    FS Recording King tenor banjo, bari uke tuning

    I need to downsize in anticipation of a move to a smaller place in a few months. For sale today is my Recording King "Dirty Thirties" open back tenor banjo (model RKT-05). Included is a Squier mini electric gig bag, which through the mysteries of the universe is a perfect fit. To be clear...
  8. river_driver

    FS: (U)Bass book bundle

    I'm continuing to clean out my bookcases. I bought these when I had the brilliant idea to try bass guitar. Don't see why they wouldn't be applicable to UBass though! - Hal Leonard Bass Method Complete (Books 1, 2, & 3 in a single binding) - Hal Leonard First 50 Songs You Should Play on Bass...
  9. river_driver

    beginner book bundle + Mighty Uke DVD

    I've been cleaning out my bookcases, and it's time to move these on to someone who will benefit from them! - Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 1, by Lil Rev - Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book 2, by Lil Rev (with CD) - Hal Leonard Easy Songs for Ukulele, by Lil Rev - Alfred Just for Fun Classic...
  10. river_driver

    Gibson files for bankruptcy protection!

    Shocked to see this today:
  11. river_driver

    FS vintage Mastro plastic banjolele clock!

    I've enjoyed this kitschy thing for a few years now, but I think it's time for someone with equally bad taste to enjoy it! This was an ebay score - the story I got from the seller was that it had hung in a boutique guitar shop in Chicago for many years before he acquired it. It didn't work...
  12. river_driver

    FS Lanikai flamed maple concert w/ HSC

    A few more pics:
  13. river_driver

    FS Lanikai flamed maple concert w/ HSC

    Selling this like-new Lanikai all-laminate, satin finish, flamed maple concert uke with an equally like-new Musicians Gear hard side case. This is my son's uke - he's had it for 5 or 6 years, I think, during which time it has been virtually untouched. He's a terrific trumpet player, and can...
  14. river_driver

    Holy Mother of Toilet Seat, Batman!

    I caved... All that MOTS! I was resisting just fine until I saw GC had it on sale for $100. I was doing so well with UAS too...hadn't bought a new uke in almost a year and a half.
  15. river_driver

    Harmonica resources??

    About once a year I decide I'm going to learn to play harmonica. So I buy one (because I can't find the one I bought the year before) and fuss around on it for a day or two before setting it aside. Mainly I think it's because I'm trying to do it without any instruction, and that clearly isn't...
  16. river_driver

    FS Kala longneck & Gretch camp uke - TWOFER DEAL!

    My son (the REAL musician in the family) needs a trumpet upgrade, so I need to free up some cash. Brass instruments are not cheap. For sale is a Kala longneck soprano (KA-SLNG) and a Gretsch Camp Uke (one of the modern repros, not vintage). Both are in fine condition, with only very light...
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