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    Gotoh UPT Knockoffs

    My one and only experience with them is quite recent. I ordered a watch which didn't arrive because they didn't put my full address on the package. My local post office returned to sender. I tried to claim a refund but was refused, even after I appealed and provided photos of a tracking history...
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    Need fret pressing tips

    May I suggest you file the slot itself with a triangular needle file, just a couple of strokes so the tang can enter easily, then tap in with the hammer before finally pressing in.
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    Interesting neck joint.

    As I understand it, this is quite common practice to achieve fine tuning of the joint by flossing the joint with sandpaper. This makes the area to be sanded smaller and narrower, and thus much easier. I do similar on guitars and have also used a radiused heel to achieve the same. I seem to...
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    2 Questions about Stew Mac Concert

    Exactly! If in ain't broke .........................................
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    2 Questions about Stew Mac Concert

    I've never understood why anyone should build an instrument and then cut a huge hole (aka sound port)in the side of it! Yes , the player may hear the sound clearer, but Imo it's totally unnecessary. Just a gimmick. Sorry, I know some will disagree.
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    Baritone ukulele scale question.

    Message "Wildestcat" on this forum. He should be able to answer any questions you have about baritones, as he has built quite a few.
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    Frank Ford finally rests after many years of service to the luthier community

    I, like many people here have dipped into his website many times, and learned so much. It's a big loss. RIP Frank and thank you.
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    New project

    As a matter of interest Ken, would your son have to modify the code he has created, to switch from the above soft wood to a hardwood like mahogany? For example , feed rates and cutting depths etc. I don't know anything about cnc and it's too late for me to learn, but I was just wondering...
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    Wooden nut/saddle

    Hi , I would suggest trying it, for the small amount of work involved. Mahogany was used on earlier vintage instruments, which is a lot softer than ebony or greenheart. If you're not happy with it, then try something else. Mike.
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    Neck Joints

    This is how I now do my guitar neck joint, which I think is a method referred to above. I also pre-cut the mortises before gluing up the neck block. Seems to work for me. It could be modified for a uke using one bolt.
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    Sander service

    Ah, now that makes sense, thanks for verifying Ken. Cheers Mike.
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    Sander service

    Then I can only think we have different machines, although to me they look identical. I seem to remember I bought mine from Axminster when you pointed out there was an offer on. Thanks anyway Ken.
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    Sander service

    Are you sure Ken? After a bit of Googling, I found out that the latest 16-32 takes the wider belt(440mm) and I was able to measure and confirm mine is 440mm wide. I do believe that BND stock both sizes. Cheers Mike.
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    Sander service

    Hi Ken, is that a 16-32? It looks like it and if so I have the same. I don't think it will be too long before I need a new belt, so where did you source yours? Hope you don't mind me asking! Many thanks , Mike.
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    Parrot vice and Zyliss multi-vice seems to work for me.
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    Something I thought I would never do....

    the old ones are the best John. (pun intended!) :LOL:
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    Something I thought I would never do....

    Cheap wood Ken?! I wasn't aware such a thing existed.
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    With regard to Makore, I planed off the end of the plank, to reveal the pores and they were rather random, unlike the ones shown on the database. I tried to take a picture but it didn't show very clearly to upload it here. But possibly not Makore. Still guessing.
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    I wouldn't say it's redwood or cedar, as it's much denser and heavier like ,say, Brazilian mahogany. Your comments are not suggesting it might be mahogany, the makore looks close, although it does seem a lot different to the makore I've used . It didn't seem to have much of a smell when sanded...
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    Nothing scientific I'm afraid, it was given to him by his friend who said he had some spare mahogany planks stacked away in his shed.
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