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    Kamaka Factory Repair/Restoration Reviews

    That is very frustrating! I'm glad your Martin is good now! I don't want to say anything too harsh... but the luthier who fixed my baritone told me that it was fine.. he then proceeded to pick it up and play it, very well, mind you, but I could hear the snapping of that one string the entire...
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    Kamaka Factory Repair/Restoration Reviews

    I did! It doesn't look quite "factory perfect"... I feel like they rushed the finishing a bit, and I am very happy I picked it up in person so I could point out that the fret wire was still protruding quite a bit, and that the saddle was still so low that the A string was still snapping against...
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    K Brand Baritone

    Hello fellow Portlander! I have a late model HF-4 and a 1970 HF-4! Haven't tried a Kanile'a baritone but curious as well!
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    Ukulele and Studio Ghibli Soundtracks

    Definitely not required! Sampo for example is a bit easier with a high-g, in the way that I play it.
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    Anyone played a new Oli uke?

    Is it weird that I read Andrew’s post entirely in his voice in my head?? :ROFLMAO:
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    Kamaka saddles glued in?

    They are not glued in! They just sit in there.
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    Polynesian Cultural Center/

    So that puts an HF-3 at 1600 bucks! Not bad! Thank you for posting this!
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    Why Mango?

    I’m very curious what a mango kamaka would run… my guess is 6k or so?
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    Sold Figured Koa Tenor, Vashon Island $250 plus shipping

    Jim knows how to make a wonderful instrument! Highly recommended craftsman!
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    Name That Tune

    I don't recognize it but I enjoy your playing! And cute cat as well :)
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    Sold Kamaka White Label Tenor Ukulele

    My baritone which I was told is from the 70s has black (maybe ebony) but and saddle, and has friction tuners that look a little different. Mine doesn’t have the “washer” looking bits when it attaches to the headstock. Maybe that means yours is a lot newer! Hard to tell on these things…
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    Sold Kamaka White Label Tenor Ukulele

    Do you know approximately what year this is from?
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    Sweepstakes: One of a kind instruments from Kanile'a and Taylor to reforest Hawaii

    I know this is a good cause but will everyone stop donating?? I’m trying to get these instruments here!! I recommend everyone donate exactly 9 dollars :D
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    Sweepstakes: One of a kind instruments from Kanile'a and Taylor to reforest Hawaii

    Those are stunning instruments!! I'm happy to donate to a good cause even if I don't win (but I'm still hoping I do)!
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    I just may have bought myself a Christmas present. ;-)

    I was eyeing that one myself! Quite the looker! Looking forward to your review!
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    Someone's Grandmother and a uke

    Very cool! Where do you think the photo was taken? Do you think that could be a Hawaiian ukulele?
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    Paternal Twin KoAlohas

    Very beautiful!!
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    The Romantic Ukulele

    Thank you very much!!
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    The Romantic Ukulele

    Wow thank you! I will give these ones a go! I also just ordered this on Amazon. I've seen the author perform a few songs on YouTube and he seems very talented!
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