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  1. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    It is tenor scale so it is tuned A - A
  2. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    The latest set of three. All have redwood tops. The redwood used to be water tanks on the top of New York City apartment buildings. The tanks are banded with iron bands which causes the black staining. I had the very fine grained board from the middle instrument data dendrochronologically...
  3. jupiteruke

    For Sale Hand-made ukuleles - baritone available

    Update 3-May-2024 I don't often have a baritone in inventory, waiting for a musician, but due to some changes I have one now. It is a very nice instrument which can be seen at Questions can be directed to...
  4. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    How did you get those wavy edges to match up so exactly?
  5. jupiteruke

    Side sound port

    I glue a piece of thick veneer on the inside, with grain perpendicular to the side to reinforce things. I also bind the sound hole. The process can be see as entries on my blog, see "A bit of binding", and "Side sound...
  6. jupiteruke

    Compact Go Bar Deck

    I made the spring loaded bars long so that they go against the ceiling. No go-bar deck at all to store, and any place on the bench can be a clamping area. Very convenient and portable.
  7. jupiteruke

    Need fret pressing tips

    I agree with using a small triangular or square file to bevel the edges of the fret slot slightly. Helps the fret go in straight, and if it is ever re-fretted helps prevent chip-out when the old fret is pulled.
  8. jupiteruke

    Purchased fretboard doesn't match my Uke plans

    The problem here seems to be that there is indeed a zero fret slot. One either needs to use a zero fret (my recommendation) in which case, as spongeuke pointed out, you measure from the zero fret slot, NOT the end of the fretboard itself. If you want to use a standard nut you would cut the...
  9. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    The latest set, three siblings: Concert - Florida rosewood (Dalbergia sissoo), aromatic cedar top (Juniperus virginiana), 'Picasso' headplate & rosette, side sound port, scoop and arm bevel in pomelle sapele, large wood dots on ebony fingerboard, curly mahogany binding. Tenor -...
  10. jupiteruke

    Useful little tool

    I have found a very useful little tool for carving neck heels. In the past I have used various things for this operation, including rasps, chisels, drawknives, and knives. I wanted something that would easily carve around the curve of the heel, and to which you could apply enough controlled...
  11. jupiteruke

    Well wadda y Know ?

    It may be a little more brittle though I have no sense of comparison as the only redwood I have used is the water tank redwood, what I call 'sinker redwood from up in the sky'. One does need to handle it gently but it is my favorite top wood because I like a deeper, rounder, low-G sound. It...
  12. jupiteruke

    Well wadda y Know ?

    Please be aware that the trees mentioned in that original article are not the redwood that ones sees in commerce, or as instrument tops. The tress mentioned are more properly knows as giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). The redwood used for instrument tops is from the coastal redwood...
  13. jupiteruke

    Bridges: Finished or Unfinished?

    As Larry originally pointed out, my bridges are finished. I finish them before gluing them to the finished instrument, with the under-bridge area scraped of finish. I finish the bridge for aesthetic reasons, no structural reason that I can think of. I feel the bridge is sitting in the middle...
  14. jupiteruke

    Location of the top transverse waist brace on a tenor ukulele

    I eliminated this lower transverse brace entirely (with an X brace) and I think it did really good things for the sound. I let the arms of the X brace extend all the way up past the sides of the sound hole.
  15. jupiteruke

    Maple soundhole patch

    I also glue the patch down before cutting the sound hole and then I use the spindle sander through the hole to taper the patch back from the edge so things do not look thick from the outside. Doing this I glue the sound hole patch and the bridge patch down and do not care about the thickness of...
  16. jupiteruke

    Holes for installing tuners

    I found some counterbores at McMasterCarr that do a good job for Grover tuners. I use the 9.13mm body with a 5mm hole. The counterbore fits the tapered bushing well, and the 5mm hole is easily drilled out to 6mm for the tuner post. Since the drill hole and counterbore happen at the same time...
  17. jupiteruke

    Seeking info about tone woods

    There is lots of good stuff in Pennsylvania. I cut most of my own wood but you need at least a 14" bandsaw. Sycamore (if cut right), black walnut, dogwood (if you can find some big enough). aromatic cedar and spruce for tops.
  18. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    Collaboration This tenor is a commission from a local artist who grew up here in Florida on the space coast, watching rocket launches, playing with dolphins in the waterway, and being outside with all of the wildlife. The stars are her constellation Tarus, the endgraft and heel...
  19. jupiteruke

    What's happening in your shed?

    Tenor scale guitalele. Curly maple from a local tree, redwood recycled from New Your City water tanks, black bog oak binding, curly maple rosette, mahogany neck with black walnut spline, ebony fingerboard and bridge.
  20. jupiteruke

    For Sale Hand-made ukuleles - baritone available

    2 tenors available for Christmas 2023 Browse the rest of the website for other examples of my work, read the blog for more 'how to' stuff.
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