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  1. Michael Smith

    My First Kasha

    My first Kasha was my last. It was a lot more work. It didn't sound all that great. So much so that I put it in a case and forgot about it. I pulled it out after 7 years and I'll be darned the thing sounds really good now. Still don't think I will ever make another.
  2. Michael Smith

    What's happening in your shed?

    1/8th" isn't enough to worry about. I have repaired a lot of old ukes that are way more than that.
  3. Michael Smith

    The Tree quilted mahogany for uke sets

    No set is worth more than 2 to 3 hundred dollars at the very most. As a builder what could I possible do with a set I paid a grand for? I would have to believe it had some mystical properties, which I don't or I would have to market it as such which I would not.
  4. Michael Smith

    Just a flaw or serious problem?

    I believe you are correct and that will only get worse over time.
  5. Michael Smith

    Aspiring luthier. First time checking out this board.

    If you are at some point going to make a living in repair work you will likely need to repair other stringed instruments, guitars, mandolins, etc.
  6. Michael Smith

    Gotoh UKA Ukulele Tuners with Hannabach strings

    they advertise "perfect intonation" on those strings. hah hah, yah right. As if there was such a thing on a concert ukulele.
  7. Michael Smith

    Back braces let in to linings

    I tuck but before I glue on the binding I take a Dremel and cut off about an 1/8th inch to remove the end of the brace and any glue. I have seen too many instruments where the tops or backs have shrunk and pushed out the sides over the decades.
  8. Michael Smith

    Gotoh UPT (L) - any place to get these in bulk?

    I no longer have that info. But I believe one was Hosco and I want to say the other starts with an M but that could be wrong. If you wright to Gotoh directly they will tell you.
  9. Michael Smith

    Looking for simple to set electric timer/power controller

    I use a darkroom timer. Accurate to the second and can be set for 60 minutes on down. There are all kinds, any will work. Cheap on eBay. I use one for my hot glue gun as well. A friend burned his business all up when an employee left a hotglue gun plugged in over night. Your heating blanket will...
  10. Michael Smith

    Fungus or bacteria attack on my uke

    Mold like that grows in high humidity, too high for a ukulele. It is very unlikely it's growing from the wood or finish. It's far more likely it's growing on your skin cells that are left behind when you play. You see this all the time in a car that may leak somewhere and mold/fungus grows in...
  11. Michael Smith

    Sound hole size on Uke

    It's about the ratio of the volume of the box compared to the size of the sound hole. Without knowing the volume can't tell if you moved a slight bit closer to the sweetest spot for that particular instrument ( to your ear) or a slight bit further away. But then all other factors will play into...
  12. Michael Smith

    Location of the top transverse waist brace on a tenor ukulele

    I think you are asking about the brace closest to the bridge, or are you taking about an actual x brace system? If you are asking about the prior I keep mine as far away from the bridge as it will go and not look weird in the sound hole. My theory is the bigger the vibrating surface area on a...
  13. Michael Smith

    What's your finish preference?

    Tru-oil doesn't really provide a protective layer like lacquer or the 2 part finishes used in commercial instruments. Tru-oil finish is very thin by comparison and does not provide much protection to scratches and dents. That's not a problem for me on my personal instruments. I like the signs of...
  14. Michael Smith

    Fret Dots/Position Markers

    I like the look of 5 mm dots on concert and tenor. 2mm for side dots.
  15. Michael Smith

    Removing a LR Baggs Pickup

    Many of the rest of the America Inhabitants (from the Cape Froward, Magallanes Chile to Kaffekubben Island Greenland} consider US Citizens vulgar imperialists to refer to ourselves as "Americans" as if those folks don't exist.
  16. Michael Smith

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the Forum, I'm a bit skeptical of that last set. Looks like you are going to be gluing end grain. Usually not a good practice.
  17. Michael Smith

    Lutherie Literature suggestions

    Making a good soprano is probably the hardest size to make for the beginner.
  18. Michael Smith

    Removing a LR Baggs Pickup

    My guess is you want the Baggs for another instrument. You could always stick another old jack in there and call it good. Or put a half inch plug in the hole with or without a strap button.
  19. Michael Smith

    Luthiers Mercantile

    They sold a lot of their inventory to Them and some to Allied
  20. Michael Smith

    Luthiers Mercantile

    Friday at noon they shut down their website. I have been stopping by there every once in a while and picking from the cheap and free pile. Friday they wheeled out everything that was unsold. Lots and lots of fretboards, 2 for $5, didn't matter the size. I picked up some really big ones that will...
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