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    WTB: Kala Tenor

    Looking for a used starter tenor and was pointed to the Kala line by a friend who knows a little more than I. Not sure what the price points are on something like that so I really don't have a "reasonable range" in mind just yet. Anyone have one around that might be looking for love? Thanks...
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    WTB: Kala KA-JTE/HBC Archtop Tenor

    Hi all - I've become very interested in the Kala KA-JTE/HBC Archtop Tenor. If anyone has one they'd consider selling, I'd be happy to hear about it. I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone who has (or had) one on what you think of it. Thanks!
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    Kala model designations

    Ok, been looking at a few of the Kala models and would really like to understand the model designations if that's possible. For example, the KA-STGE-C. I know I can google it and find out all the specs but, typically, there's a rhyme and a reason for the model name. Can someone enlighten me...
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    Another Central New Yorker

    Hi all, lurker turned member from Syracuse here. Longtime guitar player looking to pick up my first uke for fun and thought I'd start by doing some research which brought me here. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning a lot! WeaserP
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    WTB - Entry level A/E Tenor

    Beginner looking for a used electric tenor in the $150-$175 range. Hoping for decent (entry level) build but also understanding that sometimes you get what you pay for as well. Been looking at Gretsch, Kala and a couple of others in that range. Opinions, thoughts and comments welcomed here as...
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