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    The Christmas Ukulele Jazz Book

    Nicks jazz arrangements are great.Well worth becoming a patreon
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    Season 532: All aboard!

    The important part of train journey's is arriving or leaving.This 1922 song is about leaving.Always associated with Mr Al Jolson
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    SOTU 531 -- Name Dropping

    Thanks for hosting, just a quickie from mr Cole porter from 1934.Plenty of names in this one including Strauss,Shakespear,Mahatma Ghandi,Garbo-not to mention Mickey Mouse cause he's fictitious.Only did a couple of verses otherwise its too long
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    Thanks for hosting Val.This country song was written by Merle Travis about the hard work of coal miners.Hopefully I managed to incorporate a bit of Travis picking.
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    season 525 - needs and wants

    Song from 1925 the uke era by Vincent Youmens and Irving Ceaser.Ella recorded it
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    Season 523 - BEDAZZLED

    My devilish contributions favourite of George Harrison
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    Season 523 - BEDAZZLED

    Nice one Jim,can’t go wrong with Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer
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    Season 523 - BEDAZZLED

    Hoagy Carmichael-Johnny Mercer song
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    Season 517: Wind

    Thanks for hosting Dave.Could'nt resist this great if somewhat miserable old time song
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    Season 514 - Seasonal Songs

    Recorded by many Artists played at christmas everywhere
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    Season 514 - Seasonal Songs

    It's that tune again as a chord melody instrumental based on a tab by Phil Doelman.Thanks to Steve for hosting and complements of the season to all fellow seasonista's
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    Season 514 - Seasonal Songs

    Seasonal novelty instrumental
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    Season 508 - The French Connection

    Thanks for hosting Ylle here is a beatles classic with un petite morceaux de Francais
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    Season 507:Bitter/sweet

    from winning a war to having to beg for bread
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    Season 505 - S-P-E-L-L-I-T-O-U-T

    Big hit for Mr Nat King Cole
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    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Some advise from Mr Charles Chaplin in these troubled times ,who made a lot of people smile
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    Thanks for hosting Val.This a well known novelty song from 1923
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    Yes we have no Bananas an American novelty song

    Thanks for hosting Val
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