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    Pacquiao Vs. Cotto 11/14/09

    the big fight is coming up soon and i know a lot of people here are gonna watch it.who do you think will win?
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    ukulele unerground club

    im thinking about starting a UU club at my school. does anybody have any ideas or suggestions before i start gathering up people. thanks
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    NBA Tipoff 10/25/09!!!

    anybody here thinkin another repeat for the lakers?who do you think will win this year?
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    Song Help Request Dragon: Jake Shimabukuro HELLLLLLLLP!!

    adssdg my friend told me that if you gon on jake's sight, that he could email you how to play it if u ask.the only thing is that its in notes.i think
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    big island ukulele co.

    im plannin on buying one of their ukuleles.anyone here own one?i wanna know the pros and cons before buyin one ya know. shootz
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