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    Ohana Concert (Norcal Bay Area)

    *Uke already sold*
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    Song Help Request Aldrine - First Love - Utada

    Not sure how accurate this is but I found something at ;)
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    KoAloha KSM Longneck vs KCM

    So the KSM Longneck has the the same concert scale as the KCM and a smaller body. Is there a drastic difference in tone between the two? Also, all of the Koaloha ukes I've played seem to come with so-so strings. I'm sure this uke will sound good with Worth strings. Has anyone tried D'addario...
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    Ukulele Source in San Jose

    I dropped by Ukulele Source today (turns out they just opened up from a long vacation since Nov 1) to check out their selection of ukes. I would highly recommed this shop. They have a nice selection of Ohana, Kanilea, Koaloha, and Flea ukuleles. I like the look and feel of their shop and the...
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    Lava Concert Flea (Norcal Bay Area)

    Since I don't really want to deal with shipping this uke preference will be given to locals in the SF Bay Area. Details below: Flea Concert uke - Polycarb fretboard, concert scale, Lava Black color; Currently stringed with Worth Brown medium strings; Includes extra set of Ko'olau Gold strings...
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    Song Help Request Help please

    Have you tried: ? It sounds right to me. I play the 'G/B' as 'B' Don't know bout the picking part though
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    San Jose ukers!!

    wow, cool event. Wish I could have made it but I don't check UU that ofter :) Are any vids going to be posted?
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    Flea Concert + D'addario strings

    Well, got bored and decided to restring my Flea concert (with polycarb fretboard) with the new J53 strings. Any one else with this combo? How do you like it? My strings are starting to settle, so far: Pros: *Thicker strings when compared to my old Worth clear strings; a little easier to fret...
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    Song Help Request Forever - by Opihi Pickers

    Off of their Beginnings album. Anybody know the chords?
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    Glamorous Sky

    Thanks Dominator! Forgive the newbness. I get it now. :)
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    Glamorous Sky

    Hey seeso! Quick question: What does the "p" mean in the tab? (ie. "1p0") Thanks, you rock!
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    Song Help Request Gitaroo Man/Legendary help

    Anyone have the tabs for uke? :)
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    Under the Bridge

    Sweet. Thanks man!
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    Song Help Request anyone know Moon on the water

    Theres another post on this with chords: I'm not sure about the picking pattern though. Anyone know?
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    Air Guitar...WTF?

    So for the past year I've been thinkin my buddy's lil bro is missing a couple of nuts and bolts in his head. On many occasions he'll just randomly bust out an air guitar routine out of nowhere. Turns out he's an aspiring air guitarist. Here's a vid about air guitaring...
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    hey jude

    Nice. Someone should Powertab this.
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    so i did my first open mic performance last night

    This is so true. Unless your famous, ppl are there to just enjoy your music, not you. Focusing on your material instead of your anxiety will get you thru it.
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    Bay Area Ukers

    Are any of you going to the Uke Festival in Hayward?
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    Song Help Request More Than Words (Extreme)

    Bump. Any progress on this? Here's a U-tube of a uke cover ( I sent her an email. She used the chords from Tropical Storm Hawaii.
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    FS: Kala Red Tenor (KA-TTWR)

    Selling a Kala Mahogany Tenor-size Uke (Transparent Red color) /w Gig bag. I bought this brand new last week but decided to pickup a concert Flea instead. It's been re-strung with D'addario J71 strings and the nut has been slightly adjusted. Prefer not to ship this out so SF Bay Area people...
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