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    Fun pedals for electric ukuleles

    The unit you see lit isa Boss GT100 which has the capacity for hundreds of patches. Buying individual pedals can soon add up to $1000, since you need a pedal board, a good power supply at one per six pedals, mounting tape, patch cables etc. Price a distortion pedal, delay pedal, looper etc...
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    Fun pedals for electric ukuleles

    My all in one does it all for only $99 Zoom G1X Four 50 patches available and each patch can have up to 5 effects.
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    Best Ukes of 2019

    Just watched the review of the 10 best ukes that the Southern Ukulele Store here in the UK sell. Thought you folks would be interested.
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    Solid Electric Ukulele for Rocking Out: Nylon v. Steel Strings?

    There is only one solid bodied UKE for Rocking. All other Ukes fall into also ran status compared to the one. RISA either in Les Paul, Strat or Tele format Either RISA LP or RISA ST or RISA TE
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    Recommendations for Electric Tenor - for my daughter

    Fr an electric Tenor there can be only one, well not quite they make three different models:- Risa ST Risa LP Risa TE Take your pick plus a Risa solid case and your Daughter is sorted and she will not be disappointed, either of these will be far more versatile in available tone than an...
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    Guitar builder, new to ukuleles

    Welcome. Do checkout Risa Ukuleles They are an EU based Company that makes solid bodied Ukes with bodies like a Strat and another like a Les Paul both with electrics to match. Risa ST and Risa LP are their model names. There is another cheaper model by Vorson and some Chinese ones on eBay...
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    Beatles songbook

    The full monty
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    Battery powered ukulele amplification...

    Behringer 1002B $120 If you want a Mixer then why not go for one with internal batteries.
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    This is my Risa’s zero fret
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    Play Lists for Gatherings?

    Yes George Formby was an outstanding uke player, we have a uke tutor with over 30 years teaching and even he says that many of Formby’s solo riffs are beyond his playing ability. We have seen your Sultans if String in concert and have seen Bruce Guthro (Nova Scotia) many times both their music...
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    Play Lists for Gatherings?

    More than likely they will be general popular karaoke songs but some to definitely learn is Streets of London (Ralph McTell), Scarborough Fair (do the Simon and Garfunkle version), Danny Boy, Part of the Union (Strawbs), When Im Dead and Gone (McGuinness Flint), Pete Seeger’s If I Had A Hammer...
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    Play Lists for Gatherings?

    Do a search for uke groups and look at their websites and you will see a lot of downloadable setlists and individual songs. Also check out U3A Uke groups, many here in the UK have such setlists in PDF format. Do of course ask nicely if you can download and use the efforts of their own hard work.
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    Which Bass Uke

    So far I have tried:- Kala U Bass c£500/$600, pretty impressive ( way more than I want to play, played one as reference v others ) Makala c£225/$300, not impressed Kala Journeyman, favourite of those played within budget Kala Rumbler, was OK, a bit louder than Journeyman but far more fret buzz...
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    Pic's of where you live

    It must be 25 years since I have been in the Stockton/Middlesborough area. Me I live in central Lancashire where every 20 years a series of events and walks takes place to celebrate the Preston Guild of Merchants. Many centuries ago a person could not trade unless they were a member of the...
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    Battery powered ukulele amplification...

    Add a multi effects pedal unit like my Zoom G1X Four between the Uke and Amp and you can have the best of all worlds, it retails c$99
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    Battery powered ukulele amplification...

    Boss Katana Mini. $99 Far better range of controls that there is with the Blackstar Fly 3.
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    Raygf has lost access to the forum

    Raygf has posted on the Facebook UU Group that his VIP subscription has been taken but he cannot access the forum. Can someone from Admin please help him?
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    Hi from British Columbia

    Welcome. Adding an image is easy, select Image icon, browse to file, select it then select Upload. The thing is Upload does not look like an responsive item it just looks like text never the less click on the text. Btw My image may appear sideways, its an IPad thing that oddly configured...
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    Looking to Loop

    Both my Ukes are electric. I feed the one I am playing through a Zoom G1X Four multi effects pedal, it also has a looper feature. From the Zoom it goes into a Boss Katana Mini amp which is small yet poweful enough for home and small venue. So check out the Zoom it costs $100 and the Boss...
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    Good Starting Point?

    Welcome. You know the guitar, you know the Uke, put a Capo on fret 5 on a guitar and the tuning on strings 1-4 become that of a Uke. As for electric Ukes there are cheap ones on eBay/Amazon then there are models by Vorson and Risa. I have a Risa ST which is like a baby Strat. I love it. I...
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