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    Golpeador on a uke?

    I went through a phase of adding protection to all my softwood topped ukes. I started off using the largest phone screen protectors I could find cutting them to a scratch guard shape but later bought material off Ebay to make a larger Golpeador. These materials have a backing which is peeled...
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    external end block and string tie off - any examples out there?

    Hi You mentioned floating bridges. I experimented with this idea a couple of years ago. If you go to this link you will see what I did with the second build. You can also then see the link to the first build. As far as bracing goes, the first one was overbraced, the second one had some extra...
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    Koa Soprano with Frangipani Inlay- Picture Set

    Absolutely beautiful.....and that headstock inlay is just the cherry on the cake!
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    Not a ukulele, but what a sound

    This channel belongs to Brandon Acker.........if you are interested in string instruments, there are many more videos to see!
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    What's happening in your shed?

    Its always interesting to see what you are making. I think you have produced a good looking instrument true to your own style. Most makers would buy this rope binding so its good to see you take on the challenge.
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    New builder

    Welcome to the forum. It's possible to make a uke soundbox in many ways. I have tried a few different ideas over the years: cigar box, fruit bowl, chopping board, tennis racquet, luteback, African mask., pear shaped, pineapple shaped ..................but it helps to know what's important...
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    What's happening in your shed?

    I think this is a very nice looking instrument. The Mango looks great along with the bloodwood bindings but the design is really stylish in my opinion. It is a beautiful shape with box and neck nicely integrated. I hope it sounds as well as it looks and was constructed.
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    Has anyboby hear from Liam Kirby (Wunderkammer)?

    I met Liam at the first MUMF in Wales. For anyone not familiar with his work, this video paints the picture:
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    Steam Bending Act 2 (and 3)

    I can see photos on all threads but this one. Instead of photos, all I see are several lines of letters and numbers. I'm using a PC with Windows 8.1 and Chrome browser. From the responses it would seem we don't all have this problem.
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    Ukulele dust for compost.

    Well I too compost my sawdust, not that I have very much of it. When you last posted Ken, I consulted the gardening experts online. They all said that sawdust and wood shavings require a great deal of nitrogen in order to rot down. When used as a mulch they said the soil would be robbed of...
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    I'm going to make some concert size Ukes

    Sehr toll, Germans singing in Spanish and English- das gefällt mir- and the uke also sounded great!
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    More than just a history lesson

    Here we have a 55min video of 2 very able musicians talking about and demonstrating the instruments and music which led to the modern guitar. To some it will be fascinating, others may find it boring(?) Its not about ukuleles but I know all string instruments are interesting to some forum...
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    A floating bridge tenor with segmented soundboard

    Klr, once more I have to comment on how tidily you have carried out the work to date-much better than I usually do things. I also like your use of laminate linings and side stiffeners, I use both quite often. I am clearly no expert when it comes to floating bridge geometry. On my 2 instruments...
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    A floating bridge tenor with segmented soundboard

    This is the third in a series about using a floating bridge on a uke. In the first post I asked why we don’t see ukes with a floating bridge: In the second, I showed a tenor...
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    A flat topped tenor with a floating bridge

    On 19th May I asked why we all build ukes with the strings tied to the bridge. After this forum discussion, I set about to build a flat top tenor with a floating bridge to satisfy...
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    Why do we tie the strings to the bridge on a ukulele?

    When we pluck a uke string, the vibration is transferred via the saddle and bridge to the soundboard which then vibrates and amplifies the sound. To make this process efficient, we try to make the soundboard and bridge as light as possible. However, this is compromised by the need of the...
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    No tennis tournaments this Summer but you can still play with this racquet

    Here are some points to consider for anyone (not just Jerry) attempting a racquet uke. It will seem long and complicated on first reading but will make more sense with a racquet in your hands and work underway! Despite being laminated, the head can be warped: wooden racquets were often kept in...
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    No tennis tournaments this Summer but you can still play with this racquet

    In 2016 I made a tenor uke from a Dunlop tennis racquet: Initially I was happy with the instrument but over time I realised the instrument lacked fullness of tone. So here is my tenor racquet uke...
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