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    Revised song book

    Kill it with fire!!! ;)
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    Sweet Georgia Brown

    yeah, but can you sing it in Polish?
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    You've Got A Friend - Carole King (solo)

    So great. I just "read" the audiobook version of her memoir and I'm all up in the Carole King uke-iverse. I re-ordered the songbook for Really Rosie, but from what I remember, her stuff is hard to play on uke because she tends to write her songs on the piano so the chords are all complicated and...
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    Revised song book

    Also I hate ampersands.
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    Revised song book

    Aha, it took me a couple tries, but I finally managed to click on "at this link" and now have the full PDF, thank you! I know you guys can do it. I KNOW YOU CAN.
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    Song Help Request Let 'Em In, Wings

    Note to self: when naming songs, make them more searchable than this one. Google is very unhelpful with this one, and it's such a cheerful song. I have visions of getting the kids to do the sound effects (boomp-whoop! boomp-whoop!) and then coming in with the music. Anyone else tried this one...
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    Song Help Request "that's about the size" by bud lucky

    thank you! I'll give it a try later today and report back!
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    Song Help Request "that's about the size" by bud lucky

    I'm such a rube ... this is a very simple song. I figured out several otehr Bud Luckey songs (Ladybug's Picnic and Ten Tiny Turtles) but I'm just a dummy about this one. Anyone handy with figuring out tabs and chords?
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    Song Help Request Searching for a George Harrison PDF

    A few years ago, when I first picked up the uke, I downloaded a PDF for the entire album "All Things Must Pass." It's gone from my hard drive (I probably lost it in my hard-drive crash!) and I can't find it online now. I can see it so clearly in my mind -- it was set up so that you could fold it...
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    Song Help Request Need help with with Chords for The Roots - Lovely, Love My Family song from Nogin

    Better late than never? Gonna play this one at the preschool fundraiser luau this Sunday... let me know if I got anything wrong! Lovely, Love My Family (The Roots / Yo Gabba Gabba) Some[G]times when I am sitting by myself Those [Am]quiet moments when I'm with no one else I’m [C] mesmerized...
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    "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake"

    I haven't been here in ages! The baby's finally old enough for me to start playing again. How about the abovementioned song? I'm soooo sure someone has figured it out, but couldn't find it with a search. But then again, there are so many ways to screw up the apostrophes in the title, so. There's...
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    you were so helpful with Em... how about plain old E?

    I feel like such a pud, you guys -- you gave me a great fix for E minor, but now I find that any song with E just defeats me. I think this is a whole bunch of options: I'm printing it out to mess with tonight at home, but what is your...
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    Ack! Is Em kidding me?

    I've had my uke a grand total of two days and I'm completely in love. But I keep coming up against Em. It seems like no matter what finger position I try, it's impossible for me. Is there a trick to playing this chord?
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