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    My ukulele themed paintings

    Thanks RPAtech! I guess you are the one who commented on my Instagram with a hashtag #UU. And I so glad that you did it which brought me back here. It re-ignited my passion for both uke and painting!
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    Thank you MilkWelcome. Very glad that you like them!
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    You are funny, sir! 😂 Thank you for your complements. Been a little busy these days and your words inspired me to paint more.
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been logged on since early 2020!
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    First of all, thank you so much for your compliments and your suggestions, Zoeillin. And wow! Are those your works on the Claude Monet Reproductions website? Looks amazing! I like the abstractive brushstrokes mixed in a reality setting. My paintings are kind of a hobby thingy going on but I do...
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    hi Kenn~ Apologies for the very late reply. I haven’t been logged on since then. I paint in digital / electronics format using either Procreate or photoshop. All the work posted are digitally created. I do paint in acrylics sparingly. Very sparingly.
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    Strings Kamaka Strings On Other Ukes

    I had the kamaka strings on the martin C1K. Liked it a lot. It didn’t have a long sustain but had a sweet mellow voice to it. But that’s expected of any nylon strings, but I just like the black coloured strings and the branding that comes with them. You see, I didn’t own a Kamaka at that point...
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    Your uke playing face

    So.. I have been told I have a frowning face whenever I played. My fingers simply stop playing whenever I tried to force a smile. How do the pros do this, a big smile while running through a maze of crazy fretting. So how about you guys?
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    If you can only have 1 ukulele for the rest of your life...

    What will you choose?
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    Kanile'a Platinum 2020

    Seems like the soundhole is off center to the left, alike a blackbird Clara?
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    NUD: aNueNue Moon Bird Soprano US200

    I’m on holidays with my wife in Taipei, Taiwan now as I write this NUD post. So long story short: 1. aNueNue shop is on my to-go list while in Taipei. 2. Not looking for the moon bird at all. 3. Full intentions to try out the bird series ukes without buying anything. (Very thick skinned!) 4...
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    PhD Low G String Set is crazy good on Kamaka Soprano!

    I just wanna share my experience on PhD ukulele creations Low G string set which is amazingly amazing! So I had my Kamaka soprano HF-1 with the stock strings ever since I got it. While I love my sweet sounding black strings, it was getting a little stale for me. After reading some positive...
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    What’s the average age here at UU Poll

    Continuation from: 40 hits me this year, glad that I found uke last year. Note: the old thread doesn’t have a poll so I create this!
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    Share your uke haggling experience

    This is a rant and I need to get this out of my system. So the story goes like this, 3 months ago, I put up my Enya M6 tenor up for listing on a local buy/sell online platform. I’m selling it only for the reason that I’m just not a tenor player. I put it up at 40% less (which is 60%) of the...
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    Strings Do fluorocarbon strings start to sound more like nylons after a while?

    I played both nylon and fluorocarbon (M600) stringed ukes daily. I would be able to tell if the M600 is sounding like nylon.
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    Should I get a travel uke or not?

    I’m planning a holiday trip to Tokyo, Japan in December and the temperature is around 50F (10 deg Celsius) during that period. Plan to visit the Kiwaya museum and some uke shops as I heard that Japan is the second home to ukulele other than Hawaii. So, Yeah! So of course I need to have my...
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    NUD: Kamaka HF-1 (2019), my first and last Kamaka

    Hope this doesn’t bored you. A short story long. The thoughts of owning a Kamaka been haunting me for a while. I have been saving my ukulele funds for a Kamaka Concert Bell Ohta San. When it finally presented itself in front of me earlier at the local uke shop, I did not pull the trigger on it...
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    My ukulele themed paintings

    Hi guys, I do digital painting in my free time when I’m not on my uke. So I have painted a couple of ukulele related paintings and thought I would share them here. If you like to see my other paintings, here’s my Instagram link:
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    Strings Kanilea String Discussion - Best Sound

    A 5k will definitely compliment the collection! 6 Martins in 2+yrs is pretty impressive. Well, enough derail to the thread.
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