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    New Scam?

    It’s 2024 and you STILL can’t delete your account through the account settings. I’m a part of so many other forums and you can permanently delete your account through the click of a couple pages. How about allowing users to delete their accounts therefore eliminating all these old accounts that...
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Can’t believe no one posted this one yet:
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    Best solid body electric

    Electric = all that matters is the quality of the pickup (garbage in garbage out). Bar none the Ko’olau CE-B semi-chambered electric with it’s proprietary LR Baggs 9v pickup designed specifically for that model is the best out. Also the easiest to play, can’t go wrong except they don’t produce...
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    Kris Fuchigami Strings?

    Well don’t leave us hanging, what’s Tolentino use? Think I read somewhere that they are some kind of Savarez classical guitar strings? I want to know what Kalei and Corey use. I know Corey likes the Ko’olau Aho’s - but I’m not sure if that’s what is on his gigging uke (a Ko’olau CE). I know...
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    Ukulele Quilt

    This is the one I got: They are out of stock but you can find them on ebay from Kens Sewing authorized brother reseller for $175 quick shipping like new condition.
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    Ukulele Quilt

    Awesome idea! I just bought my partners Mom a Brother Serger, maybe I can get her to do this. Can we see a picture of the one you already started or is it not really much to see yet
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    How sturdy are Kamaka Ukuleles?

    Kamakas are legacy instruments and only become more collectible and increase in price every year. If you live in a place that requires humidifiers at any time or has salt in the air, keep it in a Kamaka hardshell with Oasis in the sound hole humidifier and a D’Addario/Boveda 2-way packet in the...
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    Gig bags you like for protecting your instrument

    This! The newest Mono Vertigo gigbag is also on my radar. Some might consider it a bit steep at $180, but I know full time gigging guitarists that swear by the guitar sized one. I wish “The Tick” Mono accessory(latches on to the guitar version and fits a micro mono adjustable pedal board and...
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    KLOS ukes. Anyone have a thought?

    Not a bad deal. Two questions: 1) What is the timberline carbon option on the tenor? Is it tonally the same? 2) Has anyone had the luxury of comparing the all carbon Klos model to a Blackbird eKoa tenor back to back? Or even the old Blackbird BTU all carbon? I’m curious which ones are more of...
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    Pickups and live sound

    I wish there was more on the market for ukulele, sadly most modern tech is built for guitars only. It’s BS because we matter too, and most guitar tech could be modified for a smaller body or bridge. Saw a really good post about this on the acousticguutarforums from member alohachris recently...
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    Strings Kamaka Ukuleles: Uke Logic vs Stock Strings

    It’s a concert longneck so smaller concert body with a tenor scale tuned reentrant high g only. Not sure Kamaka will string it up with Kamaka concert all plains or tenor all plains, but the longer scale does have an effect on tension depending which strings you use. Great posts so far thank...
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    Strings Kamaka Ukuleles: Uke Logic vs Stock Strings

    Slightly controversial topic: but for those of you that have tried to move away from the stock Kamaka strings and have strung them up with Uke Logic strings, how did they compare? Did you use the soft or hard tension set? I feel what people mean when they say they lost some of that signature...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Wowowo. Thanks everyone who has chimed in. I have pages of information to go by now, I only wish I was staying longer so I could actually experience every single thing you all have brought up! Still though now I have a guideline and can base what I do with your recommendations depending on what...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    I’m here the 12th - 18th!
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Thank you so much guys! I really want to get in a nice snorkeling session. Again would rather not have to swim around swarms of tourists at the normal spots that are easier to access therefore heavily crowded (i.e. Hanauma Bay). I’m leaning towards going the route of taking a short...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Awesome! Dang like I said though I’m going next week going to miss that one shoot.
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Awesome, definitely will take your advice on the way up to The Ukulele Site! Thanks all, this thread has been a wealth of information. All systems are a go still for my trip to O’ahu next week fingers crossed everything permitting. Booked this trip a while ago but still feeling terrible and...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Thank you guys, really appreciate all the info! A couple members mentioned it would be helpful to know what I’d like to do. In no particular order: ukulele factory tour, hit the Ukulele Site, lazy day at the beach & pool, a cool hike, a lot of live music, a lot of tasty local eats..etc that...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Awesome, thank you! I just found a good one now. A recent one titled something like “dream vacation”. I will see what else I can find. Sad to hear about ukulele festival being canceled. It was a good run. If anyone still wants to make a post on here addressing my OP about specifically...
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    Booking a trip to O’ahu in 2023

    Hey there Ukulele Underground, Are there any members on this forum by chance that are thinking of booking, currently booking, or have already booked a trip to O’ahu for 2023? We have all felt the weight of the last two years. Speaking for myself, I was out of work for over a year due to the...
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