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    Question on Seagull Electro Uke- Steel strings

    Hello all, my UAS is acting up again and was wondering your thoughts on the Seagull Electro Steel string. I’ve seen Baz’s review of a number of years ago, and noticed Godin is no longer making the steel string model…so used appears my option. There are a few “new” unsold ones in fairly close...
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    Today's Chuckle

    I am very pleased to see that, in my area, we are coming back to normal. With trepidation I went to one of my favourite restaurants yesterday. There weren’t too many patrons....and in a way I felt a sense of security in this. I am beginning to believe that all this talk about the paucity of...
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    Today's Chuckle

    A guy in a restaurant stops a pretty waitress as she passes by his table. "Excuse me, Miss. Can I ask you a question about the menu, please?" She threw a drink in his face. "The men I please are none of your damn business!"
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    Question on modelling amp use with a Fluke SB.

    Hello all. I’m interested in using a modelling amp with my Fluke SB with fluorocarbon strings. I have looked at a few acoustic amps but they are totally limited. I am looking at a Fender Mustang GTX50 or a Boss Katana MK2 50. However, I’m leaning towards the Fender as it appears to be more app...
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    Today's Chuckle

    Ouch....... The pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express praise for answered prayers. Suzie Smith stood and walked to the podium. She said, "I have a praise. Two months ago, my husband Tom, had a terrible bicycle wreck and his scrotum was completely crushed. The pain...
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    Online education degree - what do you think of it?

    I have taken many online courses at the university level. The key is to find a credible institution and review its programme. Most institutions have an on line segment....understand some courses in your pursuit may not be offered on it is important check the institution....check the...
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    I need a nudge over the edge.....

    Hello all, If this posts strangely my iPad has been doing weird things.....including this thread....this is my 3rd time trying to post it. I’m looking to buy a RISA Solid Stick Tenor ukulele. I was wondering if actual users could offer their opinions as to the quality of this instrument and...
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    Today's Chuckle

    Maybe a sign of things to come.....
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    Anyone know where you can get strings for the steel Seagull Electro Uke.

    Hello all, I’ve been researching getting an electric-acoustic uke and am leaning toward the Seagull Electro. I’m also thinking about the steel stringed model. However, I’ve been looking to see where I can get replacement strings and I can’t find a spot anywhere.....even looking at the Seagull...
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    Thoughts on Fender Fullerton Ukuleles

    Hello all, I’ve been noticing a number of players with the Fender Fullerton acoustic-electric ukuleles. In Canada they sell for around $280 , which is fairly inexpensive. Any thoughts on these ukes, they come in strat, tele, and jazz master forms and are concert in scale.
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    Quality question on Kala Thinline Travel Concert.

    Hello all, I finally pushed the button and have a Kala Thinline Travel Concert uke ordered from our local Long and McQuade store. When I placed the order I have their usual 30 day return policy at no cost to me if I don’t like the uke. My question is does anyone have one and are there any...
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    Speaking of quiet...Kala T tenor question.

    Hello all, I am interested in purchasing a tenor uke; so I rented a Kala T from our local Long and McQuade to see if I would like it. I really like the tone and the fretboard....Bm is really easy for me on it. What I found was it is so quiet when in my uke group I can hardly hear it. Now my...
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    Low g string for Gold Tone Little Gem.

    Hello all, I’ve been scrolling through the threads for an answer to my question but haven’t found an answer. We have so many Low G questions you could start it’s own thread on it. My issue is I wish to put a Low G string on my Little Gem banjouke. I have been browsing through the Long and...
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    Song Help Request I Need help!

    Nickie, here is a list of some of my favourite song sites....BUG is one of my favs.
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    Song Help Request I Need help!

    Hello. Whether in a group or an audience trying to please everyone is difficult. In a lot of cases the “foot stomping” standards which almost everyone knows are almost a requirement....”You Are My Sunshine” and the like to get them singing along. But, younger (and older) crowds like to hear more...
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    Song Help Request Tonic - if you could only see - help

    Hope this takes...have had a devil of a time trying to post this. This may help with the song..
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    Question on amplifying acoustic ukes.

    Hello all, I’ve been wondering about acoustic-electric ukes? I’m leaning towards getting a better acoustic Uke and putting an attachable pickup on it. I have a few acoustic guitars and I have a Little Gem so I was thinking multiple application. The question is I really have no idea where to...
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    Opinion on Epiphone Hummingbird Uke.

    Hello all, I’ve been thinking of getting a tenor scale, and have been watching for sales at our local Long and McQuade store here in Windsor. This week they have Epiphone Hummingbird ukes on sale for $249 Canadian, which is $40 bucks off. I’ve read some reviews on these, and while not the...
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    Question on Soprano Ukes.

    Hello all, I currently have a Little Gem banjo-uke. I have been thinking about trying out a soprano and was wondering what I should look for in deciding which ones in our music store are of good quality. I do play guitar and have an idea of what a good guitar should look and sound like. I...
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    Confused about Uke electronics (pickups)

    Hello all. I am narrowing down my list of tenor ukes I would like to buy. I’ve been thinking about the pickups, if I go electric. When I look at the descriptions I find each manufacturer appears to have a different definition of what the electronics are. What I think I need is a passive system...
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