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    Robert De Visee' suite no. 9 in Dm eBook

    I used to play these all the time when I was learning the guitar too actually, such a satisfying piece. If your uke is in low G tuning it probably won't come out right at all I'm afraid. I'll be doing some low G arrangements eventually though :)
  2. J

    New ukulele site!

    Hi again folks! I've finally got an all new site for housing my arrangements thanks to a very good friend of mine who kindly made it for me :) I'd love some feedback on it so please let me know what you think! Oh and there's a new free eBook on there for those who are interested ;) So yeah...
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    Robert De Visee' suite no. 9 in Dm eBook

    Hi all! As some of you may know I've been arranging classical music for the ukulele for a while now. Anyway I've got a free eBook on my new site which I'd love you all to try - it's one of my all time favourite pieces! You can download it here:
  4. J

    new e-book: 'Dowland - 5 pieces (and Pavana by Sanz)'

    Hi all, Got a new e-book up: Just a short one - got 5 extra pieces by Dowland including 'Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens' (my favourite Dowland piece) and one of Sanz's most impressive works 'Pavana'. Thanks for...
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    beginner ukulele e-book

    Hi again all, Just to let people know that, after loads of requests, I've finally released a ukulele book with the soul purpose of giving beginners easy, satisfying, renaissance music to play. All the pieces are one line, tuneful melodies taken from lute songs and famous tunes of the 16th and...
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    New e-book - Fernando Sor - 16 pieces

    Hi everyone, Over the last few months I've been working hard on a new book of Fernando Sor pieces. And now I've finally released it - Some recordings can be found on Ukeval's channel - great player...
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    Fernando Sor on the uke

    Hi again, After a grueling six months of exams and revision (GCSEs), I'm finally coming out the other end and in the mood for doing some more arranging. I'm planning to branch into Romantic guitar music and do a book of Fernando Sor for the uke. I'm interested in whether you would like me to...
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    Dalza on the uke

    Hi everyone, I've just released a new e-book containing music arrangements of Dalza's lute music. I'm interested in how many non-lute players have heard of the composer? Also, what other arrangements of classical or...
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    cheapish tenor ukes?

    My e-books are making, in my standards, quite a lot of money now so I thought that it was about time that I spent it on another ukulele! I'd like to get a uke which had a GCEA (low G) tuning. But I'm very open. I've already got a high G but would like to do some arranging of music that would...
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    New e-book - Dowland on the Uke :)

    Hey guys, I've been working on arranging Dowland's wonderful lute music for the ukulele for some time now and finally I've finished a book of them! I was surprised when I first started how well his music fits....:)...
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    early music for the ukulele

    Hello, I'd like to show you lot my ukulele arrangements. I've been doing it for some time now but I've just put up an e-book to be sold (the rest are free). Check out my website here: I was wondering what the rest of you think of...
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