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  1. Teek

    Cordoba Mini-R Guitalele

    See my CL ad here: For a shipping quote send me your ZIP. I will bubble wrap well and box carefully. Please contact via the CL ad as I will likely forget to look for any PMs. Just let me know you're a UU...
  2. Teek

    Strings String suggestions for Cedar on Rosewood?

    Flurocarbons. Oasis or Southcoast. I have that Pono Pro Classic uke, it's a winner and a keeper, especially since Pono will no longer be using rosewood. I just bought a Cordoba C10 classical guitar in Canadian cedar over EIR, and I have a rare Tacoma crossover in the same. Cedar tops are already...
  3. Teek

    Stolen instruments

    I am so sorry, I really despise thieves, I've had so much stuff stolen, mostly my own artwork, basically finished off my career. I'm ready to say just chop off a hand or two when they are caught now, so honest people will know them, and they can be shunned. I used to be so compassionate, but...
  4. Teek

    Any Violinists on here ?

    My mom played and was a prodigy. Her mom was first violinist in her dad's bands, then my mother was. He was the NBC Orchestra leader for quite awile waaaaay back. My Mom just died and I inherited a Thir and a Magini. I would love to take lessons but my uncle asked for them, and since he is dying...
  5. Teek

    Guitar Forums

    I've been a member on UU since 2009, before that I lurked, I've paid for VIP and additionally 2 years on UUU which I don't use but paid anyway because the guys deserve the funds. But UU has changed so much over the last couple of years that I always seem to come away feeling blue. All the people...
  6. Teek

    Are you fluffy?

    I would like to lose 25 pounds to get back to my fighting weight, but with menopause changes and low thyroid issues it is tough. When I eat even less my metabolism just slows down. I eat 1/4 of what my scrawny SO eats. I never had an issue with weight until I hit 50. Aloha shirts come in a lot...
  7. Teek

    Bari Curious? Lanikai LU-21B

    More pics Here's a few more showing details, has white plastic binding and heel graft.
  8. Teek

    Bari Curious? Lanikai LU-21B

    Their least expensive baritone. Runs $129-$179 on Amazon. No case, it's a great wall hanger as it is laminate. Solid geared tuners. Straight neck with a comfortable C shape. Frets feel nice, good slick medium half round profile. I have notched the saddle and deepened the nut slot since they...
  9. Teek

    Bushman Spruce top mahogany body Concert scale

    All solid woods, but I can't find out exactly what model this is, label just says BSC for presumably Bushman Spruce Concert. I'm guessing circa 2006-11. The only reference I can find to a spruce top concert in 'hog is a HomeGrown model, of which a few were made by luthier David Gill. I think...
  10. Teek

    Kanile'a K-1 T Deluxe Blond Curly Koa with case

    As the title says, Kanile'a K-1 T DLX tenor uke. Circa 2009. Original owner. Very golden blond very curly koa, neck looks like matching koa on this one, and the photos don't begin to show the 3D effect of the curl, it looks deep and wet under the UV gloss finish with very high chatoyance. Has a...
  11. Teek

    Whinges About the Web

    I like this one, I felt like this yesterday.
  12. Teek

    Blackbird Clara

    Just a quick review. I was last on the list for the road trip Blackbird Clara ukulele, I got it Christmas week which gave me little actual time with it, so this is just my overall take. It came strung with Oasis low G so that is all I played. I think it would do well with any flourocarbon, and...
  13. Teek

    Has anyone seen Paul McCartney live?

    I saw him twice with Wings back in the days of Band on the Run and Venus and Mars. A friend sent me a phone pic from a recent concert. I wish I had a tenth of his stage energy to get me through the day! He is a living treasure. :cool:
  14. Teek

    Best (in your opinion) Tenor for ~$1000

    Collings UT-2 or UT-2K or Pono Pro Classic with the slot head and radius, either Rosewood with a cedar top, or hog with spruce according to one's preference. Also a vote for the right Kanile'a.
  15. Teek

    NGD again, been awhile

    I generally never post NUDs but this NGD is a good one! And the guitar forum needs some new posts! My last guitar purchase about a year or more ago was a vintage Harmony spruce topped mahogany tenor so it doesn't count as much. I have been looking for that just right steel string acoustic...
  16. Teek

    I'd bet my left little toe

    that people carrying any kind of instrument are going to be running into officious dunderheads a lot more often at border crossings into the US. It really seems the average US IQ has to be down around moron level now judging from evidence I find all around me, because the level of sheer...
  17. Teek

    I have an issue with my ukes now

    Then Jake, Corey and I are doing it wrong, sigh. :(
  18. Teek

    Help me out will ya?

    Hey! :) I LOVE Red River Valley! LOL, I have a simple tab currently minimized on my screen. My husband sings it for me on request, it was one of the first things he sang for me and he learned it in grammar school. I almost have it down. Give me another 6 months or so...
  19. Teek


    Uh oh! My better half went to Monterey and all I got was this T-shirt.
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