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  1. Misguided Musician

    SoCal Meet-up w/ Aldrine and Aaron

    Imma try my best to see if I can go and make it that day! Hoping to go since I've been itching for a good jam! haha we still on for that BBQ at ur house?
  2. Misguided Musician

    Song Help Request Halfcrazy by Musiq

    The Chords are Gmaj7, Em, Bm, and F# Then you pick this: A-----7-h-9-7------------------------ E---------------9--------------------- C-----------------6------------------- G-------------------------------------- after each F#
  3. Misguided Musician

    Song Help Request YouTube Original "Lullaby"

    It's basically Aldrine's version of "Sunday Morning" up a half step
  4. Misguided Musician

    Song Help Request Frontin' - Pharrell Williams

    It's all basically Verse and Chorus: Am & Bm back and forth and the ending he had was Dm, E#m, Em, D#m and repeat There you go my Friend!
  5. Misguided Musician

    Video youtube accounts?

    Mine is down there in my signature.
  6. Misguided Musician

    Anaheim Meet-up January 15th

    I can't get in and I would definitely would love to try and stop by for some jamming! :D
  7. Misguided Musician

    2010 New Year's Resolution! :D

    Hey everybody! I just wanted to know what other people want to accomplish this year. I've had a few and i couldn't really decide on one until now, and it was torn between: 1) Finish the entire Gundam trilogy 2) Get those abs that I've always wanted. I've decided on the second one and plan on...
  8. Misguided Musician

    Aldrine + UUers in the LBC! One Night Only (Jan. 19th)!

    Yeah!!! This right smack dab in my neighborhood! Whoo! :music:
  9. Misguided Musician

    Video To Zanarkand on Ukulele

    Here's my furthered and better version of "To Zanarkand" Enjoy!
  10. Misguided Musician

    Video Super Mario Medley Cover

    This is my cover of Aldrine's Super Mario Medley, in honor of his 25th birthday! I know I can never play it like Aldrine, but at least I tried. There were some pauses and mess-ups, but I only did one take. I'll try fine-tuning it and redo it later on. I did everything by ear, and even added the...
  11. Misguided Musician

    Video "It's Morphin Time!"

    haha thanx Fred! Yeah. I've been thinking about doing some more show themes from the 90's. I just had the urge after seeing that I missed the 90's contest.
  12. Misguided Musician

    Video "It's Morphin Time!"

    I was bored. Here's my take on one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. So here it is: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme "It's Morphin Time!" Lemme know what you think! Oh yeah, and I realize that the singing is low, but look at the bright side: I did all the lyrics from memory!:music:
  13. Misguided Musician

    Song Help Request Anuhea-Big Deal

    The chords are: Chorus and Verse: C,Dm,Em,slide down from Em to Dm, and G And Pre-chorus is: Am,Em,slide down from Em to Dm, and G
  14. Misguided Musician

    Suggested glue to use for a bridge?

    I don't know if any kind of glue would be fit to glue the bridge back on, but I want to do this with a proper one that won't come off so easily. What kind of glue do you suggest to use? Is there a certain kind that is needed for such a repair job?
  15. Misguided Musician

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    Great pics Sally! I had an awesome time! This day really made my summer! :smileybounce:
  16. Misguided Musician

    Post a link to your first video!!

    Bleh! My lames instrumental of "Can't take My Eyes off of You" I was afraid to sing before, but I'm not scared to sing out of key anymore =]
  17. Misguided Musician

    Uke Tech Support Serious Problem

    yeah I know what you're talking about. Well for the most part, it's basically your skin wearing down and away. I kind of took some time off and someone told me that drinking milk can help the health of your skin and make it stronger (i.e. milk commercials). I gotta admit it worked for me. Well I...
  18. Misguided Musician

    Preserving signatures...

    Ok. I just won this black Ibanez acoustic at an even a few days ago and it has all these signatures of famous youtube people (i.e., Passion, Gabe Bondoc, Aj Rafael, Jesse Barrera, etc.) and it literally covers the entire guitar! My question is, how do I preserve all these signatures? I want to...
  19. Misguided Musician

    Everybody Knows...

    This is me and my friend going acoustic @ an Open Mic. Hope you guys enjoy! Everybody Knows Acoustic Cover Best I Ever Had Acoustic lemme know what u think!
  20. Misguided Musician

    Anime Expo '09!

    lol I understand. Well Day 1 was pretty slow, but it usually is. So far, I have seen only one ukulele. I hope to see more out there today, cause today, I'm repping my UU shirt. Hope to see some of you around!
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