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    Storing Your Ukes?

    Nice ukes and cases, rhiggie! You certainly don't mess around - storage-wise and uke choices. I keep mine in hard cases because I have little kids. The arrangement is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
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    What ukulele sites do you visit regularly?

    I check here on the UU forums the most, of course. Just for grins, I also go to TUS, Flea Market, and Hank's Kimo Ukulele website every time he showcases another uke. Other places that I may peruse are the Ukulele Lab, Pegasus Guitars & Ukuleles, Facebook (LDFM and MBU post there) and Craigslist...
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    Dealer health (business is not so booming?)

    Buying from a physical store is an interesting concept. I've pretty much been buying all my hobby stuff online (ukes and not ukes) for over a decade now. If any physical store wants my attention, then it would have an online presence as well. I speculate that this preference or trend has become...
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    Dealer health (business is not so booming?)

    My anecdotal impression is that the economy is an aggregate of many markets, the rebalance of which has been especially lumpy coming out of the pandemic. Physical discretionary goods in particular have gone through a particularly exaggerated boom-bust cycle. The velocity of guitar and other...
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    Dealer health (business is not so booming?)

    The price of oil has been on the up lately. Where I live, for example, the cost of a gallon of gas has been up 33% from pre-pandemic times. When the cost of energy goes up, the burden of paying more seeps into everything else, food in particular. Such is inflation. Sometimes when doing a...
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    Delivery Impatience

    Yes, I remember very well. I have been delighted by the fact that the Takumi brings you so much joy! I also haven't since come across another for sale, so I'm glad it made its way to you. Very nice. Fwiw, someone on the forums put up for sale a 'hog tenor Ko'olau just a couple days ago (I...
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    Delivery Impatience

    Curious - what grail uke did you buy, and from HMS I assume?
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    Price of your next ukulele...

    I am willing to say that I am happy with the ukes that I currently have (which is no small number but still less than some, ha) and feel lucky that I scratched the "acquisition" / curiosity itch when I happened to do so (i.e. before prices on everything shot up in recent months). Would I be...
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    Installing Thomasik Infeld so they don't unwind OR core pulls through???

    I have these at G and C on one of my ukes and they sound great on that instrument. In general, I leave new strings uncut for the first 24 hours after installing them. That way the strings, whatever material they're made of, can settle / tighten down on their own without me worrying about pull...
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    Please, somebody buy this

    This one looks like the love child between the last uke Hank created for me and another one he built for me not long ago. Best of both worlds!
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    Your favorite things about ukes

    Relative ease of learning the instrument (4 strings, nylon) Nice sound Portability Grassroots vibe of the community, which describes both the industry and the players
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Neat sound port. I remember coming across it on the Kimo website and liking it there too.
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    Please, somebody buy this Reluctantly, I am putting this here. Buy it before I do!
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    Ukes and endangered woods.....shouldn't we care more?

    Fine with me. I actually like the look of an ebony fretboard that's not all one color, i.e. black.
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    Please, somebody buy this I was going to put this here earlier this morning. It already sold and I'm hardly surprised. It looks so nice!
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    NUD - KoAloha Red Label

    Congrats on your latest uke, rhiggie! I have to say that I was tempted by this model a couple years ago, especially while someone had one on Hawaii Craigslist for months and months. Yours has way prettier koa. I'm also a fan of Kamakas and that particular uke certainly has my attention. What a...
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    The Tenor is King

    I have to say that as much as I like playing tenor size ukulele, it sounds very much not like a guitar, which has sustain for days and a much larger sound, due both to the scale length and overtones generated by not 4 but 6 strings. To my ears, the same holds true when a baritone ukulele is...
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    The Tenor is King

    I started on a tenor. At the time, I knew little about ukulele and the size was what the Hawaiian professionals play. Then I ventured into concert and soprano just to find out what the fuss was all about. Fast forward a few years, I came back to the tenor because the way I like to play seems...
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    Kamaka HF-3?

    My thoughts are yes, there have been changes over the last couple of decades and yes, the HF-3 has remained basically the same. The body shape is every so slightly different and the finish - while still lacquer - is different. In the picture attached, the HF-3 on the right was built in 2005...
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    Please, somebody buy this

    Check out the latest Instagram build picture of a curly koa topped tenor with rope binding by Hank Johnson/Kimo Ukulele. You could be at least tempted to change your opinion!
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