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  1. DownUpDave

    Plectrum use.

    Hey you kids stop making so much noise...........get off my lawn. I understand the adherence to tradition, no picks, no straps and definitely no strap buttons, no low G, nothing bigger then a soprano, no extensive electronics. But as pointed out some of the best players in the world use all of...
  2. DownUpDave

    Does this have the potential to come completely unglued?

    No there is nothing to worry about with this issue. The string tension is actually pulling that area down and into the sound hole. There is also the heel of the neck that is attract to the body which is holding the neck and fret board securely in place. That is where all the structural strength...
  3. DownUpDave

    Buying Tips A pickup for which of my ukes???

    This ∆∆∆ Although I own all the different sizes I have pick-ups in all my tenors because that is my favorite size to play.
  4. DownUpDave

    Wanted Tenor Looking for a Ko'olau Tenor

    I have a tenor I might sell. I've sent you a private message
  5. DownUpDave

    Top Sounds

    As always a wonderful answer Brad. I have the good fortune to call Luis of LFDM guitars and ukuleles a friend and neighbor. He is of the same option as you and so are most other luthiers I have spoken with. I have played dozens and dozens of Luis's instruments and they have a signature sound. I...
  6. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) Pepe Romero Jr "Grand Reserve" Tenor, Redwood/Rosewood

    First of all congratulations on a very special ukulele. Second of all THANKS for not doing an unboxing video, I'd rather stick needles in my eye. Third how do you like the sound, playability, feel, know the important stuff.
  7. DownUpDave

    Back for More

    Welcome back. I have a Giannini baritone, it's the first baritone I bought. A few have come and gone but the Giannini is still around. They are a very well made instrument for the money
  8. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) My First NUD courtesy of an Amazing UU Member!

    Wow that is incredible, not only the ukulele but the generosity of Just1more. I am a big believer in Karma and no doubt the universe will pay back this act of kindness to Just1more. Well done to both of you and enjoy
  9. DownUpDave

    Oasis strings: same set for soprano, concert, tenor???

    Good point Terry, I use and like both.
  10. DownUpDave

    No longer available 2023 Ko’olau T100 Mahogany Custom

    Yea any instrument with 100 year old Honduran mahogany is as rare as hens teeth. That stuff is the holy grail of mahogany and pretty much not available anymore. That fact it's a Koolau is icing on the cake, glad you will continue to enjoy it
  11. DownUpDave

    Oasis strings: same set for soprano, concert, tenor???

    First off the Oasis strings are a tenor gauge, this refers to the specific diameter of each string. Standard principals have tenor strings as the largest diameter, concert smaller and soprano smaller still. This is what all other string manufacturers do. The shorter the scale length the less...
  12. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) NNUD (new not ukulele day) Meet the Mandora

    Holy smokes that is some kind of masterpiece. I love all the different woods and how they compliment each other. The neck and headstock is very unique and artistic. Congratulations and enjoy
  13. DownUpDave

    New Uke Day (NUD) Kamaka HF-3

    Congratulations that is some really beautiful koa, love the color and the grain. Enjoy it
  14. DownUpDave

    Kanile'a or Kamaka for baritones

    Same here, no experience with Kanile'a but my Kamaka 100th Anniversary has made the cut over others. Including a Kinnard and a Mya Moe. It's light, resonate with a sweet balanced tone
  15. DownUpDave

    G string experiment

    There really aren't too many hard and fast rules about strings, as long as it is a reasonable deviation from the norm.
  16. DownUpDave

    G string experiment

    When the diameter goes down the tension goes down when tuned to the same note. This is pure physics period. Put a set of soprano gauge strings on a tenor and you will immediately feel how much slacker they are. Guitar strings use the terms extra light, light, medium, hard, extra hard, these all...
  17. DownUpDave

    Journey Instruments OF660 travel guitar UPDATE!!!!!

    I'm glad that everything worked out so well and you love the mahogany model. You nailed the description of the tone, it's nice enough to be a daily player. Enjoy those campfire sing alongs.
  18. DownUpDave

    Sonic Mayhem

    Wow what an awesome picture and a fabulous guitar. It is obvious you found a lifetime keeper.......seeing as you've had it for 30 plus years. May you enjoy it for many years to come
  19. DownUpDave

    Singing Lessons?

    Yes I have taken vocal/singing lessons and it helped me a lot. I do open mic performances at our uke jam and wanted to improve. I took singing lessons and after about 4-6 weeks did an open mic performance. Afterwards the leader said he couldn't believe how much my voice had improved and asked if...
  20. DownUpDave

    Journey Instruments OF660 travel guitar UPDATE!!!!!

    I tried Phosphor Bronze and they sounded nice, then switched to 80/20 and I prefer those, which I usually don't. But individual guitars have there own preference. Both set were light medium 12 - 54 Ernie Ball Earth wood. Good luck with your new mahogany model, another member reached out to me...
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