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  1. leo76dragon

    Video Jake - Piano Forte - cover

    got tabs? aloha leo76dragon
  2. leo76dragon

    `ukulele recommendations

    eh Neil, Just save your money and go all out on one of the triple K's (Kamaka, Koaloha, Kanilea)... trust me, they are worth it!!... or if you like go nuts, get a custom... shop MGM on ebay... ask em for one sound sample and he'll put it on youtube for u... alohas! leo76dragon
  3. leo76dragon

    `ukulele progressions.

    sup bradda... I taking lessons with Rodney Takahashi at Ukulele Jams... in Japan town... it's around the corner from Hukilaus... Uke Source should have some bzness cards... Janet and Smiley take lessons from him too... Uke Source carry Aquillas, those are good strings... should brighten up your...
  4. leo76dragon

    `ukulele progressions.

    UAS is not contagious it all started with my bday gift in late August of 08... got a Pono Mango Tenor from Hawaii Music Supply in Wahiawa... then 3 months later got a Koaloha Super Concert from MGM... then 1 month later for xmas got a Koaloha Lauu Kui Tenor, again from MGM... In March, an...
  5. leo76dragon

    Beginner Beginner...buying a uke...HELP

    nah save your money and go all out cause you gonna get hooked, and you gonna get UAS! Damn, I've been playing for only 3 months, and I'm on my 2nd uke... and I can barely play... but I love my Pono Mango Tenor and Koaloha Super concert.:nana:
  6. leo76dragon

    Tenor wai'olu tenor spruce top hawaiian islandss soundhole

    do you have pictures of the back and sides? is it curly koa? what is the neck and fret board?
  7. leo76dragon

    San Jose ukers!!

    I'm from San Jose North... playing for 2 months... or less... :eek: I love playing my uke... but it seems like I aint improving... hahahahaa... just gotta be patient I guess and play on... I get a lot of tips from my buddy from Aloha Brewed.... but I finally realized I have no rhythm.... but...
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