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  1. ethy787

    I don't want to drink alone - Jim Beloff

    I emailed Jim beloff about the song that William H. Macy played in the tv show Out of Order and Jim told me that he actually wrote the thing and he sent me the chords and lyrics. (for those who don't know Jim beloff is the creator the Flea ukes (correct me if i'm wrong)) Looking at them they...
  2. ethy787

    William h Macy - medley

    Hey, I'm a fan of William h Macy and someone on youtube made a video of him playing his ukulele and other various instruments, I was wondering if anyone knew what movie and or song he is playing in this video around 0:30 - 1:15 SORRY! here is what I meant to put
  3. ethy787

    Song Help Request Dear Deer

    on the Fmaj it is "5553" you can tell in this video
  4. ethy787

    rosewood fretboard: worth it?

    I was in the same position as you at the beginning of summer... except my job was mowing. But because it was my first ukulele ever and I wasn't aiming to impress anyone with it's looks AND I knew I wouldn't keep it in that great of shape, I went with the plastic. Hope it helps.
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