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  1. Steveperrywriter

    An Under Appreciated low G string

    Tried these?
  2. Steveperrywriter

    Finger nails or lack thereof

    I can’t strum with the backs of my nails with either of these, Alaska or ProPik. Can with the thumb pick ProPik, but it’s pretty harsh. Hard to chunk without a downstrum, unless you have a trick you want to share?
  3. Steveperrywriter

    What am I missing with a $99 Uke?

    A real blind test? Just that. Put on a blindfold (or sit in a dark room), and have somebody bring you an instrument. Strum a few chords, fingerpick a little, try the intonation up the neck, see how if feels and sounds. Then try a second ukulele, the same size and style. Let one of them be a...
  4. Steveperrywriter

    What am I missing with a $99 Uke?

    Play a bunch of different instruments and see how they feel and sound. Inexpensive doesn't mean intrinsically bad. Nor do expensive ukes guarantee superiority. That said, you are more likely to find quality as the care in building and selection of materials go up, and that costs more. Do the...
  5. Steveperrywriter

    Put a Latch on It ...

    Apropos of nothing in particular, I own four ukuleles, all tenors, and each has its own hard case. Plus, I have an extra case I somehow wound up with. They range from fake leather over wood, to fiberglass, to carbon fiber; from reasonable to spendy, and what I find interesting are the latches...
  6. Steveperrywriter

    Are you drawn to koa ukes? ... a koa junkie? Show your stash.

    Got one all-koa uke. The other three tenors I own are odd-ball combinations: Adirondack spruce/ tulip magnolia; Sinker redwood/rosewood; Engelmann spruce/osage orange. To my ears, they all sound different, and the koa is the warmest of the bunch.
  7. Steveperrywriter

    Shure MV88

    Got a new mike for the iPhone/iPad/iPod, the Shure MV88. Uses the lightning connector, comes with a windscreen, and is pretty much the cat's pajamas, much improved sound quality over the iOS built-in microphone. I haven't gotten good side-by-side sound samples yet, but it's waay better. Few...
  8. Steveperrywriter


    I changed the strings on my Hannam tenor ukulele today, using the new Southcoast ML-WB Linear (Low-G) with Wound Basses. This is version 1.6, with a new 3rd, and new, low-density trebles. They feel better under my fingers, sound good, but there was hitch unrelated to the strings: One of the...
  9. Steveperrywriter

    New and Different?

    Been using Southcoast's medium linears on my tenors, and they have reformulated the set again. Apparently, the basses are still polished wounds, but the new trebles are nylon instead of fluoros, for a "warmer" sound. This is the third change in the last couple years, From ML-SW, to ML-WB, to...
  10. Steveperrywriter

    Honoka & Azita

    Just got their new EP. Waay fun to listen to.
  11. Steveperrywriter

    Mystery knife, any ideas?

    Does look like an autopsy knife.
  12. Steveperrywriter

    Bridge 'n' Strings

    Okay, so recently, I had occasion to change the strings on three ukuleles. Normally after such, there is a period where, as they are stretching out, the strings go flat quickly after tuning. No big deal, though I did notice when I was playing classical guitar that the nylon strings took longer...
  13. Steveperrywriter

    Video Honoka and Azita

    Gotta love the HISessions: Here, a recent vid of Honoka and Azita. So much fun to watch.
  14. Steveperrywriter


    So, as part of a crowd-funding deal, I got my download of Matt Dahlberg's new ukulele album, Dragonfly. Not trying to sell anything here, just pointing out that this kid can play, and it's a delight to hear. I believe that's a Moore Bettah tenor he's playing ...
  15. Steveperrywriter

    Video Mary Jane Blues ...

    Just for fun ...
  16. Steveperrywriter

    New String Day ...

    Decided to change three sets of strings at once today, and even though they are going flat faster than I can tune 'em, I thought it would be interesting to post a quick sound check. Strung up the Hannam last, and it goes out of tune faster, especially the trebles. The strings are Southcoast...
  17. Steveperrywriter

    Video Pachebel Canon Piano and Ukulele Duet

    Lovely. Thanks for sharing it.
  18. Steveperrywriter

    B flat major fingering

    Depends on how you play that progression. If you barre them all, probably different than if you just barre the Bb. If it works for you? If it ain't broke, don't break it ...
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