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  1. redheadedali

    Video Two Of Us - Beatles Cover

    Sounds great! :)
  2. redheadedali

    Uke in NYT's Tony coverage

    The New York Times has this cool feature up where you can watch performances by this year's Tony nominees, including Cristin Milioti from Once (which I desperately want to see) playing a Lanikai:
  3. redheadedali

    Video Dylan Thomas, whoever he was

    Lovely as always, Ken :).
  4. redheadedali

    Video James Hill & Anne Davison (HI*Sessions videos)

    Thanks for posting these! That's a really lovely rendition of "Assam/Like a Bird", which is my favorite track on Man with a Love Song. And I love that shirt James is rocking ;).
  5. redheadedali

    Video My turn for a Christmas video!

    Hope you like it :).
  6. redheadedali

    Video Meli Kalikimaka

    Very nice!
  7. redheadedali

    Tenor For Sale: MyaMoe Curly Red Maple Tenor Resonator with Abalone Purfling ($2000)

    Sooooo prettyyyyyy... but way out of my price range :(.
  8. redheadedali

    Video Just Like Heaven

    Love it! That might be the best cover I've ever heard of that song (and I am awfully fond of the one by the Watson Twins).
  9. redheadedali

    Video A Case of You

    That is one of my all-time favorite songs, and you did a lovely job with it :). Alison
  10. redheadedali

    Tenor FS: Pono PTES-CM Tenor<SOLD>

    It really is beautiful. Any sound samples?
  11. redheadedali

    Video Madonna - La Isla Bonita

    Great job, and I love the idea of a True Blue cover album :).
  12. redheadedali

    Video The Oval Office has great acoustics

    Very nice! And I think the vocal is much better than the original (which, granted, some might see as damning with faint praise since it's Dylan we're talking about, but really, it was good :) ).
  13. redheadedali

    Video Quantum Leap

    I loved Quantum Leap. I think your version is actually better than the real theme.
  14. redheadedali

    Doctor Who Theme (WS64 Version)

    Thanks for this - will definitely be trying this out :).
  15. redheadedali

    Mystery song is driving me nuts!

    So I heard this song on the radio the other day and really liked it, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. The radio station posts its playlists, but when I went to find the song, it was missing (the songs I remember hearing before and after is were there, but not the song in...
  16. redheadedali

    Video In A Big Country - 80's Cover

    This child of the '80s approves.
  17. redheadedali

    Video He-Man Theme (Uke Cover)

    No words. Too awesome.
  18. redheadedali

    Video ONE - U2 Ukulele covered

    Very nice indeed!
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