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  1. Peace Train

    The Ultimate Word Game Thread

  2. Peace Train

    This or That?

    Puppy Bark or Bite?
  3. Peace Train

    Video This Kid is Amazing

    A cross between Jake and Tommy with the passion to boot. If Feng’s not already playing live shows, he’s ready. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Peace Train

    Classical Playing Classical Music-Linear or Re-Entrant, which is best?

    I’ve only played classical with reentrant tuning since that’s what I was playing at the time, as taught to me by an extremely talented classically trained guitarist. The instructor was always so laid back when I’d ask questions like that. As long as I had proper technique (and didn’t use a uke...
  5. Peace Train

    Uke Tech Support Replacment latch for Oahu Tenor Case

    Andrew at the Ukulele Site is great with this sort of thing. If they don't have an extra latch laying around, I'm sure he'll be able to get you in touch with Oahu.
  6. Peace Train

    Video Only my second ever song with uke

    Lovely as always, Dave. The magic you bring shines through, even if it is just a little guitar on our little guitar forum. :)
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Fingerpicking Pinky Finger for Stability?

    I was also taught not to use the pinky as an anchor and find it freeing not to. I was taught every complicated pattern my instructor threw at me. tYou’re in good form Super Dave.
  8. Peace Train

    Video Black Is The Colour

    This is so beautifully done. There’s a haunting quality to it that made me listen a second time through. Thanks for taking the time to record, I really enjoyed it!!
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    Beginner First Day beginner!

    No worries, just trying to help you out. Where do you live? We have UU members from all over the world who might be able to suggest a group in your area.
  10. Peace Train

    Beginner First Day beginner!

    Schurmay, when you reply to a specific person, please hit “reply with quote” so that everyone can immediately see who and what you’re replying to. Based on what you’ve presented thus far on your end—and what robinboyd has pieced together on ours—I would suggest, in the chance that something is...
  11. Peace Train

    Beginner First Day beginner!

    First off, welcome to the forum. I’m not sure what you’re asking, but it would help to know what uke you have and what this sensation of having your “fingers caught” means. It could be any number of things. Maybe your action is set too high. Where did you buy your uke and did they do a proper...
  12. Peace Train

    Video 3 ukes comparison

    It’s hard to get that classic Martin sound out of your head when comparing these. However unfairly, I found myself using that as a baseline while listening to the others. On second listen through I was better able to allow myself to hear more of the true nature of each uke, and I have to say...
  13. Peace Train

    Video Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring- Ukulele solo

    This is lovely, I really enjoyed hearing you play!
  14. Peace Train

    Review Southern Cross concert Banjo review

    What impresses me more, far beyond the considerations Jim and I have already stated, is Dennis' receptivity and willingness to look into available armrests on the market, and ultimately create an armrest from scratch at the suggestion of the OP. That's the kind of customer service you don't see...
  15. Peace Train

    Review Southern Cross concert Banjo review

    For a luthier built instrument? I think you need to define that question more clearly. Worth is something that's a personal thing and often debated on every forum I've ever been associated with. The bigger question is what does worth mean to you? Is it construction? Attention to detail or extras...
  16. Peace Train

    Uke Tech Support Open strings out of tune with closed strings

    Another thing the OP may benefit from: If you don’t play open strings, this won’t be an issue. I was always taught to not play open strings. Although I don’t recall the reason the instructor gave, I do recall doing some rewriting with songs that incorporated them. Just saying, it’s not the end...
  17. Peace Train

    Video Not Quite Family Friendly

    Funny promo. Never saw the film.
  18. Peace Train

    Video Sunday bloody Sunday uke cover

    Well done! Enjoyed the playing and vocals from the beginning all the way through.
  19. Peace Train

    Review Outdoor v. Enya v. Fluke Tenors

    Thanks for putting together this well thought out comparison. The chart is quite helpful in seeing how each measures up, and confirms my thoughts about one day acquiring an Outdoor uke.
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