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  1. kleblanc

    Video Mr. Monk - Theme

    Wow, this is so good! One of my favorite shows and you played it perfectly! I too would have gone for the tabs if you had written it out. I may just have to explode out your video and learn from your hands. The view seems good enough to catch it. Are you using a low G on that uke? Thanks again...
  2. kleblanc

    Video Rockin' Chair ~ 1929

    Wow, no posts yet saying how good this is? Well, let me be the first. I have always loved this song. Most familiar with Satchmo's version. This is nice. Sounds good on that big 'ol uke you got there.
  3. kleblanc

    Video Mood Indigo, ukulele solo

    Beautiful! What a great rendition of a very nice song! Thanks for sharing. Hope I can play something like it someday.
  4. kleblanc

    Video Edelweiss Ukulele Solo

    A pretty song to learn and play. Nice in the morning or the evening. Hope you enjoy it. Credit to Ukulele Mike for the fine tab on this chord melody version.
  5. kleblanc

    New guitar, first video with it. Will the Circle Be Unbroken

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, not as clear as the Ukulele forum where to post user videos of covers. Just got a new acoustic folk guitar. Yamaha FD01S Acoustic Folk Guitar. Had to adjust the bar a bit, but otherwise playing it stock. Anyways, first time I have been able to have an...
  6. kleblanc

    Video The Turners meet Ukelites and Ombracorta - MAMBO ITALIANO

    Wow, this is great! Fantastic acoustics, you are very lucky to have that room to record in. Which are the ones from NC? I am from an area south of Raleigh. Great song!
  7. kleblanc

    Video "Freight Train" on a Barry Sholder gourd banjo-ukulele

    That is perfect! The gourd sounds great for that song. I really enjoyed listening. Did you use an available tab for that? Or are you one those that can figure it out and just play it? Either way, it was great! Thanks for posting. I would love to find a gourd uke like that, hard to find?
  8. kleblanc

    Video It's Only Love (the Beatles)

    Really nice, as usual. Instruments sound good and your voice is good for that song. Bet it would be great if you laid some harmony tracks behind it. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed listening and gave it a thumbs up on Youtube.
  9. kleblanc

    Video God's Coloring Book

    Fun song, really easy to play
  10. kleblanc

    Video Some songs from the Andy Griffith Show

    Aww, that one makes me cry. So here is Dooley instead :)
  11. kleblanc

    Video Some songs from the Andy Griffith Show

    Here are a couple songs with my daughter. This was the first time she wanted to sing and be recorded. These are songs that were sung on the Andy Griffith Show and we love to sing them. Crawdad Hope you enjoy them!
  12. kleblanc

    Video The Bright Side of Life

    Thanks Phluffy, it is such a great song and goes perfect with the uke. Should have maybe used my tenor, the chords did not sound as clear with the mike, maybe the gain was too high.
  13. kleblanc

    Video The Bright Side of Life

    Haven't posted in a while. Crazy times! Relocating from Mass to North Carolina in a week or so. Had to take a break and have a little fun. Hope you enjoy it.
  14. kleblanc

    Frosty the Snowman..

    video removed- had video errors. Merry Christmas everybody!! Had to remove the video due to some issues with the file.
  15. kleblanc

    Video Abilene

    Thank you for the kind words! Always good to learn the history of songs. Must be nice to have a jam group. I cannot find anyone to jam with without needing to do a 2 or more hour drive away. Too much for me right now.
  16. kleblanc

    Video Abilene

    Comments always welcomed! I have always loved this song. Seemed like a good choice for the uke.
  17. kleblanc

    Whatever happened to the Seasonista Anthem?

    Is this project still being completed or did I miss the video release?
  18. kleblanc

    Monster Mash remake

    My little girl and I decided to remake this for Halloween. She is the ghost and the witch. Hope you like it.
  19. kleblanc

    Video Ondrej Sarek: Preludium in G for ukulele

    Very pretty piece. Thank you for posting it..
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