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  1. luapelele

    Kanile'a Workshop and Gig feat. Aldrine Guerrero & Joe Souza

    Hi, Paul from the Southern Ukulele Store here, on the 27th June we have a very special in-store event happening at the shop. Joe Souza and Aldrine Guerrero. At 4 - 6pm, there will be talk from Joe on the history and building of Kanile'a 'Ukulele's wonderful instruments, and a workshop from...
  2. luapelele

    Buying Tips? Online Shops that Do Set-ups - International Edition

    We do set up ukes at SUS! If you ring us at the shop and specify what set up you want, we can discuss it. I spend a large part of my day doing this. We don't claim to set up every uke we sell, there would not be enough hours in the day!
  3. luapelele

    SUS Square Ukulele Festival

    Hi, I'm contacting Kevin at the pub to find out, I'm pretty sure it's good, no steps or narrow entraces. Will get back as soon as I hear.
  4. luapelele

    SUS Square Ukulele Festival

    Square Uke Festival - last weekend in June We are delighted to announce our Summer Uke Festival which will run at the Square and Compass in Worth Matravers June 29 - July 1st. This being our first year, we're going small with only 200 tickets available. There will be a big marquee in the pub...
  5. luapelele

    James Hill at the Southern Ukulele Store.

    Hi, Paul here from the Southern Ukulele Store, just to let any U.K ukers who can get to the store on the 30th November at 2pm, we have the one and only James Hill doing an in-store concert! This will be an outstanding treat for people who want to see one of the world's greatest close up. Please...
  6. luapelele

    Get On The S.U.S B.U.S

    On Tuesday the 26th of January we will be starting a new ukulele club called B.U.S or the Bournemouth Ukulele Social to give it its full name. We will start as a monthly event and see how things go! The venue is the back room of a pub in Bournemouth called the Green Room. The pub is The Portman...
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