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  1. MJB

    My time on UU.

    I'm fairly new here and just came home for cancer hospice. I sorry things we not as we walked. Keep on
  2. MJB

    High Quality Friction Tuners to fit 7mm peg hole?

    Better picture.
  3. MJB

    Can anyone tell me what the dots on the fret board are for?

    It's the intervals in the scale. C=1=I F=4=IV G=5=V for a C major scale. For a G major scale it would be G,C,D. I IV V is a common chord progression. Lots of chord/scale info here:
  4. MJB

    Review Martin 1T IZ

    IZ is my "go to" uke when I just want to play. I just got a 50s era Martin Soprano so that's getting attention at the moment. I put a Fremont Blackline low G on IZ as I prefer linear tuning on my ukes except for my Sopranos which I keep reentrant. This string is fitting in well with the Martin...
  5. MJB

    Dipping my toes in the Vintage pond.

    It's here! Got a few dings and one previous owner put his name on the inside back (look in the soundhole). It is in great shape as advertised. I brought it up to pitch and just played it for a few minutes. I'm going to let it sit overnight and play it some more tomorrow. Light as a feather and...
  6. MJB

    Review Martin 1T IZ

    This is my first Martin uke (I own 2 Martin guitars). The fit and finish are superb, which I expected. The uke is easy to play and the tone is inspiring. It came strung with Martin Polygut M625 gray strings. I've added a Fremont Black line low G string as I prefer low G on all my non-soprano...
  7. MJB

    Beginner Looking for beginner and intermediate ukulele buying guide

    Ohana makes a wide range of ukes. I'd contact MIM (largest Ohana dealer) and ask for her recommendation. She will do a great setup before it ships out. If you up the top end to $300 you can get some nice solid wood instruments.
  8. MJB

    Instrument cable jack and side binding.

    Install complete. This is a KALA KA-B baritone uke. I'm running it into a ZOOM A1 four then into a Fender Rumble 15 bass amp. So far I'm very happy with this piezo.
  9. MJB

    Instrument cable jack and side binding.

    I'm going to add a piezo pickup to my KALA KA-B baritone uke. The cable jack is supposed to go where the end pin strap jack is located. I have to drill a 1/2" hole which is wider than the binding between the two sides of the body. Are there any issues with doing this? I don't want the binding...
  10. MJB

    Dipping my toes in the Vintage pond.

    Today I ordered a 1950s style O Martin. It's described as being in great condition with only some cosmetic scratches and no functional issues. I should have it late next week. 30 day trial so if I don't bond with it it goes back but I'm expecting good things. :D
  11. MJB

    Low G string for my Martin 1T IZ tenor.

    I would like your opinion for a low G string to replace the high g that came with the M625 set on my Martin IZ Tenor. No Aquila red and no wound strings please. Thanks! Mike
  12. MJB

    Review Roberts B16 Baritone Laotian Black & White Ebony

    Gorgeous! Would you provide a rough idea of the price? I understand that custom builds can vary greatly. Thanks!
  13. MJB

    Well I think I ordered "my" holy grail.

    pic 2
  14. MJB

    Well I think I ordered "my" holy grail.

    pic 1
  15. MJB

    Well I think I ordered "my" holy grail.

    Martin 1T IZ on order.
  16. MJB

    Buying Tips? Tenor or Baritone?

    Just get one of each. :p
  17. MJB

    Black strings users ... anyone?

    The Fremont blacklines really get lost on this one! Now that they're broken in I like everything about them. I think I have a new favorite.
  18. MJB

    Your choice for baritone strings (DGBE) with no wound strings.

    I have a KALA KA-B and would like to get rid of the Aquila Nylgut strings for a set of some other brand that has no wound strings. I see that Oasis and Worth have sets that meet that criteria. Your pick of these or something else?
  19. MJB

    Early Christmas present.

    From my son (guitar/bass player).
  20. MJB

    Arthritis - chords vs finger style

    Playing slide in open tunings is another option.
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