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  1. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    Thank you. I wish I had the time to do more transcriptions. Right now my work takes me a lot of time and I have young twins that take most of the remaining spare time. So I appreciate playing my ukes & guitar rather than writing tabs. Transcribing uke tabs is usually not very difficult (at...
  2. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    2 new tabs of "Hi'ilawe" have been added on theukulelereview. One is a Low G (very short) version, more beginner oriented. The other is a longer version in High G. Enjoy !
  3. xyz

    Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi - Adpated by Abe Lagrimas

    Here is a new tab I've done of this performance by Abe Lagrimas Jr. This is a great adaptation for the Ukulele. I love how Abe Lagrimas Jr. arranged it and it's totaly playable for the averrage advanced player. I've also added at the end of the tab an alternative intro that Abe played here ...
  4. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    It's been a very long time but I finally managed to tab the 2 following videos on : I have 2 more coming this month... one from Abe (Living on a prayer) & one Low G from Corey.
  5. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more! The tab is online for this one...
  6. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more! Will tab it this summer with another one from Corey that won't be too difficult to play.
  7. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    I'd rather do the ukulele version ;) the guitarlele version ( is Tommy Emmanuel's version and the tab exists on the Internet (very hard stuff).
  8. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more! This is an instrumental version of IZ's over the rainbow. Might do it one day. Other versions exist like the one by Jake. Very different from this one but if interested you can find the tab in his Grand Ukulele Tab book...
  9. xyz

    Corey Fujimoto tabs – I need more!

    This is Yiruma's do you. I already transcribed it, check
  10. xyz

    Sheet Music + Video from - HMSupply

    Thanks for your kind words. I wish I had time to do more of these. Working on the next tab "Dream On" by Andrew Molina. Hope to finish it for September. It's a long one. Aloha, Bertrand
  11. xyz

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques James Hill - Cherry Picking / Cheri Picking

    Wife got pregnant.. twins... spare time reduced next to zero... one day perhaps... It seems I was the only one left tabbing artists performances... I'm sad nobody took the succession...
  12. xyz

    Queen - Somebody to love

    Thanks. Take your time. I tried hard to make everything smooth and as easy to play as possible... but it's still long with some difficult parts (especially the solo). I'll post a video of the tab playing in Guitar Pro soon. I hope it'll help.
  13. xyz

    Queen - Somebody to love

    Here is the tab of my adaptation of Queen's "Somebody to love". This has been a background project of mine... I worked 2 years on it (yeah I took my time...). I used all the things I learned watching, playing & transcribing Corey Fujimoto, James Hill & Kalei Gamiao...
  14. xyz

    Romance In The Pines

    Thanks for the tab ! :)
  15. xyz

    New Tab - IZ - Hokule'a Star of Gladness - as played by Noah Campbell

    Love this song and love the way Noah Campbell plays and sings it. This is played here on a baritone and I kept the baritone tuning (DGBE) in the tab. It can be played on a Low G tenor but if you want to sing you'll have transpose or change the chord shapes. As usual the tab has been published...
  16. xyz

    New Tab - Sleepy Time - Original lullaby by Noah Campbell

    This is very good start thank you ! For me clawhammer technique is the way you hit a string downward with your index's nail while resting your thumb on the 4th string, ready to play it or not... the "bum-ditty" is more traditionnal clawhammer to my ears... James hill tends to blend techniques to...
  17. xyz

    New Tab - Sleepy Time - Original lullaby by Noah Campbell

    Yeah definetly Blackberry blossom. Will end the year well... and it's been on my list for a year now :)
  18. xyz

    New Tab - Sleepy Time - Original lullaby by Noah Campbell

    - Hokulea (IZ, as played by Noah Campbell) - Somebody to love (Queen, original started two years ago, finished I'm on small details) After that I'm moving... We'll see if I can continue on something before next year. Perhaps a clawhammer piece by James Hill named Blackberry blossom.
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