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  1. southcoastukes

    Tenor FS: Southcoast Ukes Tenor Guitar x 2

    thank You Sheldra Wormhoudt
  2. southcoastukes

    Tenor FS: Southcoast Ukes Tenor Guitar x 2

    FS:SouthCoast Ukulele TENOR GUITAR(S) Hello Ukulele Undergound family, This is Sheldra Wormhoudt. Up for your consideration are a pair of tenor guitars. These are the last two instruments from the final production run of Southcoast Ukes that I have been neglectful in updating the...
  3. southcoastukes

    Last of SouthCoast String

    majority of Southcoast string have been sold. below is a list of the final sets. all reasonable offers considered. thanks. Medium Gauge Linear Set ML-WB SETS 16 WB Light Medium Gauge Linear Set LML-NW SETS 26 NW Heavy Gauge Linear Set HL-WB SETS 8 WB Light Gauge Linear Set LL-NW SETS 9 NW...
  4. southcoastukes

    Southcoast String Inventory for Sale

    182 packages of Southcoast Strings packets for sale. Private Message for inventory list (sold as lot) or email make a reasonable offer
  5. southcoastukes

    Video Freeman Blues - tribute to Dirk Wormhoudt of Southcoast.

    thank you for the tribute to dirk dirks memorial was the 25th of August. 4 songs were played on the last tenor uke he produced by a local artist who was making videos to demonstrate the sound. I think Dirk would have like that. Again he always spoke fondly of you and looked forward to the...
  6. southcoastukes

    Private Lessons from Jorge Glem!!!

    I just received an e-mail that prompted me to post here. It's not exactly about Ukulele, but the Cuatro (Venezolano). If you don't know much about the Cuatro, it's the Ukulele's older American cousin and they are so similar in tuning that any Ukulele player can pick up a Cuatro and play it...
  7. southcoastukes

    Song Help Request Help naming that tune. Jobim? Samba? Bossa?

    See the Movie! Hello Jim, First of all, you're late! Carnival in Rio (and here) will have been gone three weeks by tomorrow. We're all in Lent now. But that song has always been a favourite of mine and I've been humming it off and on for the past three weeks. If you haven't seen Black...
  8. southcoastukes

    Jake to appear as sideman at Jazz Fest

    The 2018 Jazz Fest schedule was just released and Jake will be playing on Saturday, April 29th, closing out one of the main stages. He won't be the featured artist, he'll be a sideman in the "Acoustic Airmen", a back-up band for Jimmy Buffet. All the names of the Airmen were not released, but...
  9. southcoastukes

    Hit the Sean Payton

    Thought folks might like to see how we roll down south. Saints are in the playoffs for the first time in awhile. We won in the first round against Carolina last Sunday. After the game, cameras took in the celebration in the Saints locker run. Coach Sean Payton was front and center. The...
  10. southcoastukes

    Tua plays Ukulele

    First, I'm not an Alabama fan (Roll Wave, Geaux Tigers). But for those outside North America or who don't follow sports in general, Alabama won the college football national championship on Monday night. Their coach changed quarterbacks at halftime with Alabama trailing badly and it was a...
  11. southcoastukes

    Video Flashmob Venezuela

    Here's something I came across recently. It's shot in the Casco (old quarter) of Maracaibo, the second largest city in Venezuela. The first Europeans arrived at the old Arawak/Carib town in 1499. The Cuatro there is even more ingrained in the cultural fabric than the Ukulele in Hawaii. The...
  12. southcoastukes

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Using thumb to fret

    With Jorge Glem and Jake, possibly the two top "Ukulele" players extant both using their thumbs, you certainly don't want to dismiss this technique, even if it doesn't suit you personally. But I'd emphasize two things in this discussion. First, even if you prefer not to thumb fret, muting the...
  13. southcoastukes

    Video Don't it make my brown eyes blue

    Lovely music as always. Really beautiful fall garden as well (still late summer here). Thanks for posting -
  14. southcoastukes

    Video Django Reinhardt's Minor Swing played on a early 20s Martin Style 1 ukulele

    Yeah, that guitar rhythm was just what you needed. Love that gypsy jazz. And when I saw the photo on soundcloud it struck me how when your hair is slicked back like that you actually look like Django (I need to take up smoking again!). Thanks!
  15. southcoastukes

    Video Django Reinhardt's Minor Swing played on a early 20s Martin Style 1 ukulele

    Saw the title of this thread and figured it must be a joke. I mean who in their right mind would even think of such a thing? Turns out it's no joke. Then again, I should have known - it's johnnyfoodstamp.
  16. southcoastukes

    Video Rajão grandfather of the ukulele!

    Hello Herman, That was really nice! Thanks so much for posting it. Scott did a great job as always, and your playing (as well as the photography) were really first rate. I've always been interested in these instruments, and like you, have wondered why they aren't played more today...
  17. southcoastukes

    Uke Tech Support low G string resonating too long

    Jane, Ohta-San is a tiresome and misleading example that's brought up all the time when this topic comes up. If you want to share your personal experience and tell folks how it's worked in your case, fine, but there are a lot of beginners on this site and you do them a big disservice by not...
  18. southcoastukes

    Buying Tips? Been offered a custom uke as a gift, what should I ask for?

    Try not to buy your Ukulele as some sort of exercise in amenities and bling. I know this may be difficult since your are a beginner, but as they have given you the time to reflect, then reflect on how you want to play. Strum, sing, play melody, some combination of these? If you're not sure at...
  19. southcoastukes

    Video Mandy Make Up Your mind

    Awhh, jeez! You know the Ukulele at its best will bring a smile to your face. It can be just a little ditty, but this is as good as it gets. Deceptively simple, with enough effortless sophistication in both the composition and the playing to hold your interest. Add in spot on "scat-rhythm"...
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