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  1. Howie1947

    50th Anniversary Ukulele Festival, Honolulu, cancelled

    Aloha Uncle Rod..............Long time no talk .............
  2. Howie1947

    Tenor AVAILABLE: Takumi Koa Tenor TT-1K

    When’s this uke made? China
  3. Howie1947

    Suggestions on Uke care In New England area

    I'm a recent transplant from southern California, now living in Rhode Island. Would appreciate any advice on taking care of my instruments here in the New England area. Winters here much different than Calif. Thanks, Howie
  4. Howie1947

    Any Ukers in Newport RI?

    Let me know
  5. Howie1947

    Factory Second 2009 Imakalani 6-String with Fishman Pick Up

    Additional Pics of KoAloha 6 string
  6. Howie1947

    Factory Second 2009 Imakalani 6-String with Fishman Pick Up

    I purchased this ukulele back in 2009 from the "late great" MGM at the 2009 Ukulele Festival in Waikiki. Had the Fishman pick up installed shorty after. The ukulele has been well cared for, there are some areas on the body where there are few finishing defects where the lacquer or whatever they...
  7. Howie1947

    Used KoAloha 6 String Ukulele

    Anyone have any idea what these would sell for on the market? It has a Fishman pickup installed. It's a factory second, with a barely noticeable finish flaws. Built in 2006 I think. I purchased it from the late and great MGM..........Thanks.............By the way, I've taken great care of it
  8. Howie1947

    2017 Los Angeles Int'l Ukulele Festival

    It's a shame you folks don't give Senior citizens a discount !
  9. Howie1947

    Tenor Koaloha tenor slimline for sale

    Some pics might be helpful
  10. Howie1947

    Review My New Kamaka 100th Anniversary Edition

    How long did it take for them to get it to you after order was placed? I ordered mine middle of July, they said it might take up to 3 months, so far I have not heard anything. Should be coming soon, I hope
  11. Howie1947

    Tenor Kamaka Tenor with Baggs Pickup

    Still have his little baby for sale. I'm lowering the price on this gem to $1,000.00 in honor of my birthday on the 29th of this month. Buyer will be for shipping. Immaculate condition .............
  12. Howie1947

    Tenor Kamaka Tenor with Baggs Pickup

    Price reduction ! On this beauty, must sell. Need dental implant to chew my food. New price $1 085.00.
  13. Howie1947

    Tenor Kamaka Tenor with Baggs Pickup

    Kamaka Tenor with Baggs Pickup price reduction This is a beautiful 2013 build direct from HMS on Oahu. Like new condition, has been kept in case. Need to sell this baby to pay for my dental implant.. Asking $1,150.00. Buyer to pay for shipping and insuranceATTACH=CONFIG]93755[/ATTACH]
  14. Howie1947

    Soprano WTB Koaloha, Kamaka, or Mya Moe Soprano Pineapple

    I have a 2013 Kamaka Tenor with Baggs pickup. Like new...........
  15. Howie1947

    Tenor WTB: Red Label KoAloha Tenor

    I have a sweet tenor ukulele made by Tarcicio in Mexico. Has red label
  16. Howie1947

    Baritone WANTED: Pono BE Baritone uke

    I have a beautiful Kamaka tenor 2013 production date. Excellent condition with pickup. Asking 1200.00 dlls.
  17. Howie1947

    Tenor Koaloha Tenor KTM with LR Baggs pickup

    Would you consider a swap?? Got a 6-string tenor with pickup
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