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  1. BambinoTheBard

    Which Strings?

    I use D'addario Pro Artes for both of my ukes. I have a mainland mahogany tenor (thanks to deach :D) and my beat up but reliable Lanikai CK-TEQ tenor koa. Love the sound the strings put out. Nice and mellow with great sustain. Best thing to do is just try out some strings and choose for...
  2. BambinoTheBard

    How often do you change strings

    Depends on how much you play and how you play. If you jam for an hour or more a day I would change them every three weeks. (thats when I notice the strings starting to sound dead.) even if its not noticable to anyone else but you, change tnem anyway just so you always have a great sound. If...
  3. BambinoTheBard


    Yep it's me! :D I stopped posting on UU for a while because I was in the process of moving to Kansas City and my family was going through a rough time. But I'm pleased to say that I'm back and my family is currently settling down in our new home :D I hope to catch up with all the friends that I...
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