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  1. Mattyukaholic

    For Sale Soprano Concert WTB Black Bear soprano/concert

    Been really hankering after one of these recently and then missed out on the koa one yesterday. Would need to be posted to the U.K. (I will pay postage and fees.) Ta muchly, Matt
  2. Mattyukaholic

    Sold Kamaka HF-4DC UK

    Everything you say here is spot on I’m afraid.
  3. Mattyukaholic

    Sold Soprano Laughlin 3K (Martin 3K Reproduction) Soprano

    Yeah, for once I’m glad to be in the U.K. I wouldn’t be able to resist this.
  4. Mattyukaholic

    'Uke Like the Pros' courses

    Hi everyone, Matt here! Just wanted to say thanks for all your really warm and lovely comments about my courses. It really does mean the world to me when people enjoy my lessons enough to share them with others. Thanks! And as you were! Matt
  5. Mattyukaholic

    Buying Tips? Need help shopping for uke in Switzerland/Europe

    Rico has a really great ukulele shop in Switzerland:
  6. Mattyukaholic

    SOLD: Near Mint 1950s Martin Style 2..

    Shame you’re not in the U.K. I would have taken this for sure. I love style 2s.
  7. Mattyukaholic

    Comprehensive Ukulele Method for intermediate?

    I’m just finishing off my free Intermediate Ukulele course - 30 sequential lessons. Some of the lessons are nearly an hour long and represent how I would teach if you were a student with me in the room. You can find it here: There’s...
  8. Mattyukaholic

    Free beginners and intermediate uke course

    Hi everyone, Just a heads up to let you know I’ve created a website with every video in my free Beginners and Intermediate Ukulele courses written out sequentially with a description of each one. It’s taken me forever but I really hope many of you will find it a useful resource...
  9. Mattyukaholic

    Soprano Looking for Ken Timms Soprano

    I’ve put the OP in touch with my customer so they can sort out a direct sale. I don’t mind not getting involved. I lose my commission but the seller can sell and the buyer gets their uke.
  10. Mattyukaholic

    Soprano Looking for Ken Timms Soprano

    Thanks for all the nice comments re: The Uke Room. I was away this week so just catching up. Sadly I’ve had to let the OP know we can’t ship this one to the States purely because I’m selling it on consignment for a customer. The taxes and returns just make it too difficult for me. Last time I...
  11. Mattyukaholic

    Buying Tips? Jazz Music Book ?

    Ditto Glen Rose. Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee on Artistworks are also great. If you’re interested I have a Jazz Standards Chord Melody book: Features: Doxy, Heart and Soul, Honeysuckle Rose, How High The Moon, I...
  12. Mattyukaholic

    Review Forest Ukuleles FUZZ-S Tenor - REVIEW

    Yep, as mentioned in the review, and on this site - we post worldwide!! :) Bear in mind I’m one guy on his own and this is our first branded ukulele, it’ll take a while to get the word out and get us up that google search. :)
  13. Mattyukaholic

    Review Forest Ukuleles FUZZ-S Tenor - REVIEW

    We post worldwide. This one isn’t U.K. only. :) I think Cosmos isn’t used very much nowadays so it’s probably not worth Barry posting there.
  14. Mattyukaholic

    Review Forest Ukuleles FUZZ-S Tenor - REVIEW

    You got it!!! Forest Ukuleles Zig Zag (S - spruce / C - cedar.) Nicely done!! Matt :)
  15. Mattyukaholic

    Wtb: Resonator Ukulele

    Hi everyone, I I ve got a real hankering for a Reso uke. I’m looking for tenor or concert scale. Interested especially in Mya Moe or National. Would need you to post to the U.K. Whatcha got Thanks, Matt
  16. Mattyukaholic

    My new book: Jazz Standards for Ukulele - Chord Melody

    I’m excited to announce my new book 'Jazz Standards For Ukulele - Chord Melody.' 15 Jazz standards arranged in tablature and standard notation, with playing notes to help you learn, a little song history and accompanying videos free on YouTube The book is aimed at intermediate and above...
  17. Mattyukaholic

    Tenor FS: Kanile'a Platinum Pineapple Tenor (UK only)

    Hi guys, Matt @The Uke Room. It was me that fitted the strap peg. It’s a normal size ukulele peg with standard small threaded screw. The hole would be pretty tiny and you’d literally just need to unscrew it. If it was me I’d keep it in though. I was thinking of keeping the uke for myself as I...
  18. Mattyukaholic

    Tenor WTB Ko’Olau tenor

    Got the message thanks. Sorry not to get back to you today - bit of a mad day. I’ll send a PM tomorrow. Thanks, Matt
  19. Mattyukaholic

    Tenor WTB Ko’Olau tenor

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I really want a ko’olau tenor and wondered if anyone had one second hand before I shell out for a new one. Will consider any wood combos. Must be willing to post to the U.K. but I’ll pay for shipping and costs. Thanks, Matt
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