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  1. igorthebarbarian

    Tenor FS - Pono TE-ST Steel String Electric Acacia Satin Tenor

    I think you mean the G and C are merely wound. These are beautiful ukes nonetheless
  2. igorthebarbarian

    Buying Tips? Suggestions for Ukuleles for areas of Challenging Humidity

    Add Blackbird to that list if you have some extra money lying around! Kiwaya laminates are my favorite bang for the buck though
  3. igorthebarbarian

    Concert AVAILABLE: Kiwaya KPC-1M all solid Mahogany concert

    Every Kiwaya or Famous uke that I’ve played has been well worth the cost. I highly recommend them. They’ve all been nicely setup right out the box. Congratulations to whoever swooped this up
  4. igorthebarbarian

    Concert AVAILABLE: Kiwaya KPC-1M all solid Mahogany concert

    Kiwaya concerts are hard to find. I played one of these at Dusty Strings in Seattle and regret not getting it at the time. This is a great deal if you don’t mind the two small cracks. Low Action. Quality stuff
  5. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano FS: KoAloha Opio Acacia Soprano KSO-10

    How are the necks on this vs. the Famous FS5? This looks like a great deal!
  6. igorthebarbarian

    Tenor WTB: RISA solid (stick) in tenor size

    The Risa is the perfect suitcase travel ukulele. The Flea Fluke is probably backpack-able but you’d want to pack it with t-shirts/ underwear
  7. igorthebarbarian

    Tenor Blackbird BTU CF Tenor (Recent)

    This post was from 2016. I would assume/guess that SoupKing sold it (?) I think Blackbird discontinued this model awhile ago (could’ve been 2016)
  8. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano For Sale: Bruko Solid Maple Soprano

    Great deal! Love Bruko’s
  9. igorthebarbarian

    Buying Tips? Resonator Ukulele

    I had a Gold Tone that I got from MIM’s a few years ago. It was heavy but loud. I sold it and now really regret it
  10. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano Kiwaya KTS-4 All Mahogany Soprano & Tweed Stagg hard case - $300

    If this guy above me (CJUke) doesn’t take it, I’ll take it
  11. igorthebarbarian

    Review Outdoor Nickel Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

    Same here. It’s actually really noticeable (and I didn’t think it would be)! Outdoor Uke Tenor that I had was great - low action, easy to chord/barre. And made in the USA (which should still count for something). Yet another one that I kind of regret in selling. I should mention that I much...
  12. igorthebarbarian

    Review Brüko Walnut Soprano - REVIEW

    I’ve regretted selling every Bruko I’ve ever sold. I’m down to “only” 1 Bruko. Love em and their quirkinesses
  13. igorthebarbarian

    Fremont low G / slot bridge

    Does anyone have advice on how to get a Fremont low G into a slot bridge? I have only used Fremont low G through the normal tie bar bridges and love them/ works well/ easy to tie. But knotting them into a skinny little slot bridge opening (Fluke/ Bruko for example) how would you accomplish this?
  14. igorthebarbarian

    Concert Pono Solid Mango Concert MGC — $250

    Where was it purchased from?
  15. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano Looking for a Flea Soprano in Purple

    I need the hardwood fretboard on any Flea Fluke that I buy. I wonder how that would look with purple poi-ple amethyst Alternately I want the all black one
  16. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano Looking for a Flea Soprano in Purple

    Subscribed- I’m curious if anyone has pics as i want to see the true color
  17. igorthebarbarian

    Soprano FS: Flea Soprano with Peghed tuners, hardwood fretboard (SF Bay Area)

    Great deal! I love these Fleas and the hardwood fretboard is a must for me. If I lived closer than Phoenix I’d be on this one
  18. igorthebarbarian

    Tenor For Sale: Pono Tenor Ukulele PTRC-CE

    Nice and glossy. Christmas broke though sadly
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