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    Buying Tips? Amp suggestions other than Fishman Loudbox Mini

    I bought a used Roland AC-60 for $250 7 or 8 years ago, and I love it. Brand new, they're out of your price range, if if you're lucky like me, your can find one second-hand for a reasonable price. - FiL
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    Video New Thanksgiving Song

    There aren't a whole lot of Thanksgiving songs out there, so when a friend recently challenged me to write one, I jumped on it. This is called "Let's Give Thanks (It's Thanksgiving Day)". Listen here: Let's Give Thanks (It's Thanksgiving Day (demo) If you'd like to try it out tomorrow...
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    Irish songs

    Nice job, vonbiber! I play 8-string uke and uke-tuned mandola in an Irish folk band, and I was just thinking that it was time to add some new songs to the repertoire. This will be a good resource! And it's always fun to see other people's takes on classic Irish songs. Everyone has their own...
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    Uke Tech Support banjolin to an 8 string banjolele?

    In addition to the narrow neck, which will make some ukulele chords hard to play, the mando-banjo is make for metal strings. If you put ukulele strings on it, it will probably be much quieter. The lower-tension ukulele strings won't drive the head like metal strings. You might also have...
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    New Jersey Uke Fest: Aug. 23-25, 2019

    This year's New Jersey Uke Fest, presented by The Folk Project, will feature Daniel Ward and Heidi Swedberg, Gerald Ross, Rachel Manke, and Christopher Davis-Shannon. We'll have two nights of concerts, a full day of workshops, plus an open mike, a silent auction, play-alongs, and an all-day...
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    Review Anyone use a Godin Multiuke

    I bought one off of reverb for a decent price a year or so ago, and it has become my go-to uke for playing plugged in (which is how I mostly play). My only real complaint is that it is fairly heavy for a uke. I would love it if they came out with 8-string and baritone versions! It came...
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    Baritone WTB: Pono UL4 “steel string baritone”

    Yes, with the right strings, you can tune any tenor guitar to DGBE. That's how I have my Blueridge tenor guitar tuned. Keep in mind however, that most tenor guitars have very narrow nuts and longer necks, so they might not be comfortable for everyone. - FiL
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    Eight string ukulele

    Of all the common uke sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, bari), tenors have the highest string tension. Sopranos and baris are pretty low. If the bari size still works with your arthritis, that might be your best option. But even a tenor uke will have less string tension than a standard...
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    New Jersey Uke Fest: Aug. 24–26, 2018

    Booli, it will be great to see you again!
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    New Jersey Uke Fest: Aug. 24–26, 2018

    Oops! Must have had Rutgers on my mind when I was typing that. Fixed it in the original post. Hope you can make it, Kurt! - FiL
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    New Jersey Uke Fest: Aug. 24–26, 2018

    This year's NJUF, presented by The Folk Project, will feature Victoria Vox, Abe Lagrimas Jr., Gracie Terzian, and The Aloha Boys with Alan Distajo. We'll have two nights of concerts, a full day of workshops, plus an open mike, a silent auction, play-alongs, and an all-day outdoor jam...
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    Uke Tech Support String a mandoline like an 8 string barry?

    A Greek bouzouki is closer to what you want. It is an 8-string instrument tuned CFAD (C & F pairs in octaves, A & D pairs in unison), which becomes DGBE when you put a capo on the second fret. But getting used to that bowl back is a bit tricky. - FiL
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    Video "The Eye" (Brandi Carlile) - Baritone, Electric Tenor, U-Bass

    Fantastic version. You really nailed it! - FiL
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    Video 2018 Ukulele Festival Calendar

    Thanks for this great service! NJ Uke Fest: Where: Whippany & Morristown, NJ When: Aug. 24-26, 2018 Featuring: TBA Website: - FiL
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    Tenor Lanikai O-8e tenor 8-string ukulele w pickup (South Florida)

    This appears to be a great deal. I have an older O-8E (different electronics, with a harder-to-replace battery), and it is by far my most played ukulele. This is one model Lanikai really got right. If I didn't have other instrument desires, I would buy this one just so I had a backup. - FiL
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    Here's where a capo comes in handy: If you're playing from a chart, but the singer decides the key needs to be higher, and there are too many chords for your brain to transpose on the fly. I can't transpose C C9/Bb Fmaj7/A C9/Bb F Bbmaj7 Bbmaj9 up three half-steps on the fly. But with a...
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    I have trouble transposing on the fly, so a capo is very helpful to me. - FiL
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    Some capos get more in the way than others. Check out the Planet Waves NS series ukulele capo. - FiL
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    We will have a sign-up form for our email list soon. Next year it will be Aug. 24-26. - FiL
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