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  1. Zenin

    Concert FS: Mainland Cedar/Rosewood Concert

    I'll bite. PM sent!
  2. Zenin

    Banjolele cont..,_tailpieces/Banjo_bridges/4-String_Banjo_Bridges.html So far as I know there's basically no difference between a "Ukulele Banjo" bridge and any other 4 string banjo bridge (tenor banjo, plectrum banjo).
  3. Zenin

    Holding my soprano without getting bruised

    It might seem odd at first, but that's about where a soprano is typically played. Every instrument as a "sweet spot" where it sounds best, with sopranos it's generally about where the neck means the body or higher.
  4. Zenin

    Bar Chords - is my finger supposed to contort like an inchworm??

    Different inversions or voicings of the same chord. -An inversion is a voicing, but not all voicings are inversions. In short yes, just "different ways to play the same chord". For example a D7 chord is made up of the notes D, F#, A, and C, in that order from the "root" of the chord (D in this...
  5. Zenin

    What do X's mean in chord charts?

    I've found with fret diagrams "it depends" a lot. Meaning changes from one use to the next and unless there is a legend you'll just need to figure it out by context. In the guitalele chord chart example posted at the beginning, X means mute or don't play it (either is fine), which is generally...
  6. Zenin

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques barre cords

    Try moving your hand closer to the fretboard, thus baring from closer to the base/knuckle of your finger, as opposed to baring from the tip. It gives you more leverage.
  7. Zenin

    Uke Tech Support Intonation on new banjo ukulele, important?

    A banjolele is much more banjo then 'lele, so treat it like a banjo. Especially considering the uke's re-entrant tuning its bridge placement has a *lot* in common with 5 string banjos. Here's a great article on the hows and whys of banjo bridge placement:
  8. Zenin

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques 22 scale length"

    If you want "regular" uke tuning you're probably looking at baritone uke (D-G-B-E) rather then standard G-C-E-A. D-G-B-E also happens to be the same as the top 4 strings of a standard guitar...although a standard guitar has a longer scale then 22" so standard strings won't work well (not enough...
  9. Zenin

    Name This Uke?

    I just picked this up from a flea market for $50, a significant upgrade from my beginner Kala. I've just no idea what make it is? There's no maker's mark anywhere inside or out, although there's a bit of residue on the headstock that makes me think it might have had a sticker logo at some...
  10. Zenin

    How do I get rid of the sheet music?

    Another memorization tip from my marching band years; When you learn a new song start from the end, not the beginning. Pick a spot near the end to start learning, play through the end. Once you've mastered that, back up a bit farther and again play through the end. This way as you play...
  11. Zenin


    I tried the rubber wedgies but they gripped the strings and it felt weird, made it hard to control. But that same grip made them easy to hold on to, so I used them as a base and riveted pieces of felt (very thick carpet felt, the kind you find in hardware stores used as padding under carpet)...
  12. Zenin

    Tips, Tricks, Techniques C/A Chord?

    The <note>/ side tells you what the chord is, which tells you what notes to play, and by default assumes they are in order from root (same as the note of the chord name) to highest. For example "C" uses the notes C, E and G, in that order from lowest to highest. But if you make E the lowest...
  13. Zenin

    Buying Tips? Boomz: possible electric uke amp?

    It should work with the Eleuke actually, it has an (unusual) 1/8" headphone level output that should easily drive the Boomz's line in.
  14. Zenin

    Video Flea and Fake Flea - comparisons

    True, but probably irrelevant considering the minimal amount of materials used. They'll save what, $0.10/unit? More likely they used what was handy, what they normally have a supply line for anyway for other products. With modern CNC systems, that tooling cost has plummeted. Large volumes are...
  15. Zenin

    Video Flea and Fake Flea - comparisons

    On average, yes. Much, much less. Each step, and there aren't many in this instrument, should take no more then 30-60 seconds on a well run production line, in any country. This. All totaled the entire assembly time of a Flea on average should be around 15 minutes of actual human time. If...
  16. Zenin

    Video Flea and Fake Flea - comparisons

    Ovation basically did the development, afaik without any acknowledgement much less royalties. Patents expired I guess. The Flea is an interesting exercise in getting the most instrument from the least effort and manufacturing expense, a goal they've more then achieved. Ovation's plastic backs...
  17. Zenin

    What's a chord that sounds like the G string?

    Ok, that took me a I can't stop laughing. :biglaugh: Mahahaha!
  18. Zenin

    Video Flea and Fake Flea - comparisons

    Pretty much, yep.
  19. Zenin

    What's a chord that sounds like the G string?

    Since you're starting out with a G and an F already, my first guess would be that you're in the key of C and it's a C chord you're probably looking for. Or less likely it's Am. If what you're looking for is really a G chord with some coloring, try some of the bazillion variations of the G chord.
  20. Zenin

    Buying Tips? Metal neck banjolele?

    What metal are they made of? If it's something soft like aluminum or brass a hand ream should work easily enough (unless there's not enough metal reinforcing the hole?)
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