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  1. bobj

    Video Away In A Manger - UK version

    Very, very nice. Amazing sound. Thank you.
  2. bobj

    Video Bodysurfing

    That was beyond amazing. I so totally enjoyed that!!! Please keep doing that.
  3. bobj

    Video First Video Ever - Greensleeves / What Child is This on my new KoAloha concert

    Well done. Sounds very nice and "clean." I am still aiming for that kind of good sound. Thanks for posting.
  4. bobj

    Please help me match Ends with Means

    MM Stan always gives good advice
  5. bobj

    Please help me match Ends with Means

    MGM is a good way to go. Get the Makala Dolphin. If you don't like the bright colors, go with black and learn a Johny Cash song. Make sure you get the electronic tuner. Dolphins are selling out, though. So don't procrastinate too much By the way, you could learn a million songs on the uke...
  6. bobj

    Video Hey everyone!!! Can I have your honest opinions please?? :)

    Honestly? Well done! It's sassy and fun. You look like you had a blast making it, and that comes through Good on ya!
  7. bobj

    Video Samba Ukulele Duet

    Oh my! Fantastic :-) Thank you
  8. bobj

    Video Hallelujah... kind of

    I loved the song. I like it way more than most of the stuff I hear on the radio. (did I just say "radio?" Thats an out-of-date term, but you know what I mean.) Im gonna go back and listen again. Thanks. I think its awesome.
  9. bobj

    Video Hallelujah

    Well that gives enjoyment and inspires a little jealousy. It's all good :-)
  10. bobj

    Video Hallelujah... kind of

    Wow! I know u made the vid afterwards. ..... Did u make all that music and vocals? If u did... That was amazing!!! If not, it was still very fun :-) Thanks
  11. bobj

    A question of quality.?.?

    Greetings y'all. I have a question. My first, and only, uke is a Kala flame mahogany (laminate) concert size. It is great for me. Of course I don't know any better, cause I am an isolated newby. When I listen to other uke videos (for instruction or listening pleasure) I notice that my...
  12. bobj

    Video First video of noobie uke player

    Good on ya Bruce! That's why I did the Toy Story song contest last month; in order to force myself and measure my progress. It really helped me a lot to have done it. Did you find it to be helpful, or stressful? Give your uke teacher a pat on the back :-)
  13. bobj

    Video Bushman Entry #1 - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

    Absolutely!!! Well done man!
  14. bobj

    Just got my first Uke

    Awesome! Welcome to UU. Have a blast
  15. bobj

    Video Beatles Medley.....redo

    Oh man! I really wish I could make music like that. skilz. You got em. I don't oh well. Really great job.
  16. bobj

    Video "One Step Beyond" - Bobblehead & The Flakey Mojo

    Totally fun! Totally my style :-) Once again; a real reminder of my favorite band.. U900. Thanks
  17. bobj

    Video Beatles Medley.....redo

  18. bobj

    Can't seem to start!

    I always know I'll pick up some sage advice if I prowl around UU. Thanks Oldephart, really good tips for me to learn.
  19. bobj

    Video Sophie Madeline! New Video

    Oh! Very nice. Talk about catchy.
  20. bobj

    Song Help Request Here Comes The Sun.... help

    "syncopation?" "rhythm?" huh? I guess I got a lot to learn.
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