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  1. monty

    Price check, been out of the game for a long time. Genuine 2012 Tom Guy Bluegrass uke

    Hey guys, I've been out of the ukulele game for a few years now unfortunately, had a little boy and found my time has just evolved to other pursuits. Long story short, the wife needs a root canal so I'm having a look at some assets and just getting a look at interest. This is a genuine Tom Guy...
  2. monty

    Video Muse - Unintended cover :)

    Hey guys, Long time no post for me! Hope everyone is well and the uke love is spreading like a virus of soft cuddles. Here's a cover I did just now, probably didnt do it justice but oh well, I get in strange moods when it rains! Hope you enjoy :)...
  3. monty

    Video JS Bach's cello suite no.1 Prelude

    Thanks for the kind words gang! @Larry - I would love to hear you play it on classical guitar! @Jon - Thanks mate, I've been playing this piece for a while now. Almost mastered another bach piece so i'll put that online in due course :) @Itsme - It is a tenor, a custom TD koa tenor - and I...
  4. monty

    Video Living on a prayer - the jumping flea's arrangement

    I figured this one out from watching Matt's youtube clip of it, I'm such a bon jovi rocker! :) Thanks for the kind comments Eroll! Oh, and unfortunately I couldn't make it to see Matt in Aus, but all reports say he was amazing as always.
  5. monty

    Video JS Bach's cello suite no.1 Prelude

    Hey Eroll, this particular version was included in the John King 'Classical Ukulele' jumping jims tab book. If you are interested in playing classical and traditional Hawaiian then it is well worth it, I think its fantastic!
  6. monty

    Video Love of my life (Queen) - Solo ukulele

    Olarn, this was sweet sounding and full of life. I got transported away to another place for 4 minutes, thank you :)
  7. monty

    Video JS Bach's cello suite no.1 Prelude

    Hey guys, final video upload of the day. As seems to be the case, as soon as the camera is on - my uke skills turn to mush! But I managed to record this not tooo bad copy (still pretty rough) so I can share with you all. Hope you enjoy it :)
  8. monty

    Video Living on a prayer - the jumping flea's arrangement

    Hey Guys, thought i'd share this video I just posted. Its been a while between posts for me, getting back into it :) Hope you enjoy!
  9. monty

    Tenor Dük tenor (James Hill copy)

    Hey Nuprin, If the current hold falls through, I'll take this one off your hands :)
  10. monty

    Just converted my new girlfriend to the ukulele, and she's hooked!

    I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, bought this girl a makala soprano for her birthday this weekend... and by the end of the night we were officially dating. She just told me that since I went home today, she's been playing nonstop. Ukulele addict? I think so! :D I'm so happy i've found someone...
  11. monty

    Review __________Collings UT1K___________

    V74, what a beautiful uke. Truely awe inspiring figure on the koa!
  12. monty

    Video Don't stop me now - Queen / ukulele cover

    Love it mate, theres never enough queen covers :)
  13. monty

    Buying Tips? Strings in Oz?

    Stings is one of those things that is hard to get in Oz, just to make it annoying for us Ukestars! You can generally speaking get a set of D'addario's from the US ebay for around $10-12 including postage - although that said the last set i got online came back dull and lifeless as an old sock...
  14. monty

    Video Paperweight -Josh Radin Cover (my first eleuke cover!)

    Makes me smile everytime I think about it. I love your harmony, I love your playing, I love it all :)
  15. monty

    Video Black magic woman

    Beautiful singing - such a natural and unique voice that I find so refreshing. The kind of song I could listen to whilst sipping a lovely white on a summer's day :)
  16. monty

    Video Hallelujah - Jake Shimabukuro (Cover)

    Mate, top stuff. I love this song so much, and was considering doing a similar cover. Now I just might :)
  17. monty

    Video Fly Me To The Moon/Europa

    Mate, that was top shelf! Honestly, you've got the skills to pay the bills with that awesome mash up. keep up the good work, I expect to hear something equally as awesome soon! :) Monty
  18. monty

    Poetry.. Just thought i'd share it with you all.

    Hey guys, was writing an assignment just before for university, got bored and scribbled down a poem. Was kind of proud of it so I thought i'd put it up for my ukulele family to see. Hope you enjoy. The lady in black. At the end of the corner In the small hours of dawn The lady is crying And I...
  19. monty

    Buying Tips? My First Ukulele!

    Hey Dan, I'm a fellow uker from the land of Aus, and I completely agree with Stan - our country was not made for uke players! You will be many times ahead if you make a selective purchase online and have it shipped in, it will be cheaper, better product and if you buy from someone like MGM...
  20. monty

    Video Rainbow Connection

    Starby, a very relaxed and splendid performance. I really got into the groove and swayed my head a little as you sang - all indications that you did a wonderful job. Your dad is a lucky man to have such a meaningful performance on his wedding day :) Monty
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