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  1. ukukimmy

    Tenor Yasuma tu-1 tenor ukulele on ebay

    Sorry, I haven't been online in a few days and just saw this... I'm the person who actually bid on it. It was supposed to be in great condition, except when it arrived, I saw that the bridge was pulling up and would have to be repaired. I got estimates of $60+ depending on amount of work. I was...
  2. ukukimmy

    Video Two Zeppelin tunes....

  3. ukukimmy

    Buying Tips? Views on brands of electronic tuner?

    Another vote for the Snarks. I have one Snark S-1 that I got for about $10 and free free shipping via Amazon (justified a few other uke items) and a Kala KC02 (more than double the price) and prefer the Snark. I think they're more accurate and the battery on the Kala did not seem to last very...
  4. ukukimmy

    Rainbow Connection - Fingerstyle Tab

    Wonderful!!! Another thank you from over here in Berkeley.
  5. ukukimmy

    IPAD 2 for Practice

    Shoot I'm sorry, I didn't read this until now.
  6. ukukimmy

    IPAD 2 for Practice

    Oh thanks for posting the info. I was just searching for just those types of apps!
  7. ukukimmy

    IPAD 2 for Practice

    That's great! Thank you!
  8. ukukimmy

    IPAD 2 for Practice

    Great for poorly lit areas or peeps like me that need a little vision help. :cool: Not so great when you're outside in nice sunny weather.
  9. ukukimmy

    IPAD 2 for Practice

    They're great for downloading the PDF songsheets we use when I go to my local uke club. I download them in advance and have them stored in iBooks. Sits perfectly on a music stand and no more need for a big fat binder full of 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper!
  10. ukukimmy

    WTB: Tangi miniature ukulele AND OR Tangi miniature mango pineapple ukulele

    Would LOVE to buy a Tangi miniature ukulele AND/OR Tangi miniature mango pineapple ukulele. Please PM me with your info and price. Ta, Kimmy
  11. ukukimmy

    Uke Tech Support Buzzing on the 1st fret of the G string due to Symptom #7...

    Having read the sticky thread first, I think that the buzzing I hear when I fret the G string at the 1st fret is due to the fact that the nut slots ARE cut too deep causing unfretted strings to buzz against 1st fret. What can I do about it if it IS cut too deep??? The strings are Aquila Nylguts...
  12. ukukimmy

    Tenor Martin tenor for 1/2 price

    So I did put bid on that Uke but was beat out by another and thought ce la many ukes, so little money... ;) Well, it turns out the winner didn't come through and I got a "second chance" at it. I hope it's all the seller claimed it to be. Kimmy
  13. ukukimmy

    Video Fransisco Tarrega - Study in E Minor

    just added that piece to my must learn to play list. thanks!
  14. ukukimmy

    Review Gator soprano case

    I <3 <3 <3 my Gator case for my lil' Martin! I just wish they had 'em in other sizes. Is there anything else out on the market similar to these without breaking the bank? I like these Kamoa cases, but they're a bit more than I want to spend.
  15. ukukimmy

    Short Video Documentary "Made by Hand: Mike DaSilva Ukuleles"

    Video: A visit to a luthier's ukulele workshop. 8 min. Stumbled across this through some uke searches and thought it was pretty cool. From 2008. enjoy...
  16. ukukimmy

    Tenor Martin tenor for 1/2 price

    So was the $380 ending price was a good deal for the faux Martin???
  17. ukukimmy

    dang, i feel for this person...their grandma's uke was stolen from him/her truck

    the covetted lyon & healy shrine to boot!
  18. ukukimmy

    Eddie Vedder, 'Ukulele Songs': Listen to the ENTIRE album on NPR
  19. ukukimmy

    Suggestions on which Slack Key Uke book to get???

    So far via Amazon I've found: Ukulele Slack Key: Hawaiian Slack Key Styling by David Heaukulani (w/ 5 fairly good reviews) The Uke Buke: Learn to Play Slack Key Style `Ukulele by Mark Kailana Nelson (no reviews) Any suggestions? edit: I did just fine this UU thread on Mark's book.
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