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  1. Kateri

    Thanks everyone!

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that wished me a happy bday yesterday! :D
  2. Kateri

    The Goonies vs. The Sandlot

    Which is the greater movie?
  3. Kateri

    Aldrine Guerrero in CALIFORNIA! August 09!

    Wow Deach is going to fly over there?
  4. Kateri

    Video Aldrine's #100 video!!

    I shoulda made his makeup a little bolder. lol
  5. Kateri

    Job Interview Help!

    So, I have a job interview coming up. The last interview I had was my first ever, and I totally bombed it (it was at 8am, I was completely incoherent). With my current track record, I think it's needless to say that I'm completely terrified of this interview coming up. What can you seasoned vets...
  6. Kateri

    Camera repair help

    So my sony cybershot digital camera dropped, and the lens will no longer retract. I can't seem to fix this problem myself, so I'm thinking of sending it to be fixed. The problem is, I don't know of any good digi-cam repair places. Does anyone have any experience with sending their cameras to be...
  7. Kateri

    Journey coming to Hawaii!

    Maui: The Maui Arts and Cultural Center Amphitheater on March 24 Oahu: Blaisdell Arena on March 26 Big Island: The Waikoloa Beach resort on March 28. So who is going to the Journey concert? :D
  8. Kateri

    do it yourself music box

    I got my friend a make-your-own-music music box for Christmas. The first thing he made was an Ocarina of Time tune. :P I think it came out pretty cool. Lookie:
  9. Kateri

    Song Help Request Dude! Papaya - GAME KNB - EDU XD

    OH MAH GAW I want to dance it like they do!! Next time, let's do it sober. lol
  10. Kateri

    Video Kazookeylele

    The Kazookeylele I thought all you uke players might get a kick out of this.
  11. Kateri

    Theme from "Shaft" performed by ukulele orchestra

    The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, to be exact. They did it again. :P
  12. Kateri

    eating crickets

    So Aldrine and I discovered crickets in a local candy shop and we couldn't resist. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!
  13. Kateri

    Halloween time!

    So Halloween is nearing. Do you dress up? What do you plan on going as? What's everyone's Halloween plans?
  14. Kateri

    yearbook yourself!

    Found a fun website not too long ago where you get to stick your face into old yearbook photos from 5 different decades. Here's an example: Yeah, that's totally me if I was this age in 1968.
  15. Kateri

    video game costumes

    So, I need a bit of help from you video-game-savvy gentlemen. Me and my friends are doing a video game theme for Halloween, and I am have a doozy of a time trying to pick out a costume. I was thinking something FF, but they're all pretty skimpy outfits. What's a pretty badass looking chick...
  16. Kateri

    Totally looks alike

    Found a funny website of celebrities and their lookalikes. My personal favorite is David Bowie circa Labyrinth vs Polish chicken. :D
  17. Kateri

    Some people shouldn't have a license

    I am currently sitting at home waiting for the cops to get here because some f***er just side swiped me and then took off. I pulled over thinking that the other person was going to pull over too, but he just kept on going. I had to chase his ass down to get the license plate number. What...
  18. Kateri

    calling all photographers!

    So I'm recently getting into the whole photography scene (meaning i'm a total noob lol). I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D and currently, I only have the kit lens. I'm looking to get a new lens that will double as a decent macro and a decent portrait lens. what do you suggest?
  19. Kateri

    Esperanza Spalding

    I saw this girl on Letterman the other night and was totally blown away. She's amazing.
  20. Kateri

    Dammit, Young Bros.!

    I just shipped my car back from Oahu and picked it up today only to find a terrible scratch on the front bumper. This is the second time Young Bros. scratched my car. The first time they left a really, really bad scratch on the back bumper. It looks like someone backed my car into a rock or...
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