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    The Makala Tenor

    When you mean setup are you talking about the action and intonation of the uke? Because if you are, I can say with confidence that it's set up is good enough for the price point. The music store I work at is a pretty big uke retailer, and I make sure that we're always well stocked on MK-T's...
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    Video Sore Ga Ai Deshou, ukulele instrumental

    Lol nah, I'm a purist, and the bass notes are not a super big sacrifice anyway.
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    Video Sore Ga Ai Deshou, ukulele instrumental

    hahaha Kanaka! I was at Hayward! I was working at the Music Works booth. We were swamped the WHOLE day. I sold a ton of ukes though. My booth was so busy I had a really hard time even moving around because we had so many customers.
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    Video Sore Ga Ai Deshou, ukulele instrumental

    I just wanted to bump this thread up, hope this doesn't get me in trouble D:
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    Best place to put a Humidifier in case

    Hey, So some of you guys know that I just got my first expensive uke recently. And since it's so expensive, of course I would trip about every little detail. I'm pretty sure we're all afraid of instruments getting some major cracking, so I want to prevent that. I wonder where is the best place...
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    Video Saihate (The Farthest End) Ukulele + Violin duet

    A duet with a violin, this one is a vocaloid song that actually used the uke. My bro figured out the melody and I just played rhythm, but sounds AWESOME! Here's the link
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    Video Sore Ga Ai Deshou, ukulele instrumental

    Hello everyone! I just figured out this song, and I wanted to share it. It's Sore Ga Ai Deshou (I Guess That's Love) from the anime Full Metal Panic. I've always wanted to learn it, so I went and figured it out (took me a year though!) Of course I wasn't without help, I based my version off...
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    Introducing Shizuma, my new ukulele XD

    After many months of working and waiting for my step up, I finally got it today! Introuducing Shizuma, my new ukulele. A KoAloha Scepter. This is a pretty big deal for me because for one thing, this is the first purchase I've made that broke $1000, and secondly, because Gwendolyn, my other...
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    Video Aruarian Dance Improv Style

    Here's my homage to Nujabes, aside from the standard 4 chord progession, everything else was made up on the spot. If you like it, help me spread my sound!
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    Video Blue Roses Falling

    I just got around to memorizing Blue Roses Falling. It would be great if you guys watched it and support me!
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    I'm in an Ukulele Rut *SIGH*

    I've been playing for a year now and I love playing the uke. It’s an instrument I'm very passionate about, and through my job, my love for it has only grown. Unfortunately, I'm in a Rut. When I first started playing, I practiced for upwards of eight hours a day. My drive to learn and master...
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Slack Key Chord Charts

    Maybe I should clarify myself a bit, I'm looking for chord names. I can figure them out myself, but that will take much longer
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Slack Key Chord Charts

    I'm fiddling around with slack key ukulele set to C. Can anyone provide chord charts for slack key ukulele?
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    Breezin George Benson

    The gist of Part one covers the chords. They would be Cmaj7 (0002), Am (2000), Dm (2210), and G (0232). Thats pretty much all you need to know really. Stumming pattern can be pretty basic, your normal calypso pattern. (Down, Down, Up, Up, Chunk, Up Down).
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    Video First Love: A cover of a cover :D

    So Aldrine finally gave me the OK to make and post this video. Thank you to Aldrine for the Ok and of course, AHREEKA who helped me learn the song :D
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    little confusion with tenor tuning D:

    My buddy was over one time and he called my tenor uke a soprano. I told him it was a tenor uke, but he considered an ukulele a tenor based on its tuning rather than its size. For as long i've been playing, I've gone with gCEA, but now I hear there's another way to tune it. Anybody know what it...
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    A little addition to your monthly lessons

    Everyone loves the monthly lessons! They're well made and teach you a lot, but I just have one quick suggestion for the future lessons. How about Aldrine mentions what specific key he plays the song in? It's not too much trouble, but it will help learners form up their own solos and stuff :D
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    Is the fan strum and the roll the same thing?

    What are the key differences between the two anyway? If they arent, what are the variations of the fan strum?
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    Tips, Tricks, Techniques Uke Scales - Diagrams

    I just wanted to contribute to this thread a bit :3 You guys might have noticed that aside from the minor pentatonic, there seems to be an absence of minor scales like Gm Dm Am and all that fun stuff. Well, they are actually there. Every major key has a relative minor, you find it by taking the...
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    Buying Tips? Buying a Scepter

    Yep, I'm planning on buying a Scepter soon (later this year hopefully) and I'm just wondering if any of you owners can tell me a few things that i cant seem to find on the site: Would you say its a performance uke? Does it have a pickup and where is it? How is the action on it? Does the shape...
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